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Basketball Play - Partizan Belgrade - Box Hammer

Partizan Belgrade - Box Hammer

Stavros Evgeniadis 05/06/2023

A very nice after time action from coach Zeljko Obradovic. Box Set with 2 pin down screens gor his guards. The first one exits at the top of the key and receives the ball from 1. The other one flashes at the free throw line. 2 passes back to 1 and then we have a Hammer action. 5 sets a step up pnr to 1 and same time 4 sets a flare/back screen to 3 who exits at the opposite wing. Video clip below. See More

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Basketball Play - Fenerbahce - Drag Screen vs Switch

Fenerbahce - Drag Screen vs Switch

Stavros Evgeniadis 05/04/2023

Coach Itoudis show as the way to attack the switch defense on pnr situations. Flash from the wing player to pass the ball in the inside mismatch. Same time 4 flashes from the corner to the opposite elbow and 3 and 1 relocate. After the flash 4 sets a flare screen to 2. The defense packs in to protect the rim so 2 is alone for a 3pt shot. Video clip below. See More

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