UNI Gate Screen Counter - FastModel Sports

Published 11/23/2015 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

UNI ran this counter action to the shuffle screen which saw Koch come into the post receiving a pass from Jesperson who popped out after his screen.
This time, Jesperson screens Bohannon who runs into the lane, hesitates by putting his "fist" up to signal screen and Koch also moves down as if
to set a screen for Morgan.

Both come together and execute a perfect "gate screen" for Bohannon who runs between the screens, closing to seal off the defender and Bohannon is free for the open 3 pt shot.

Ben Jacobsen's team is very exciting and fun to watch.  This is an excellent series you can easily install at any level to keep your opponents guessing!

  • Basketball Play - UNI Gate Screen Counter
  • Basketball Play - UNI Gate Screen Counter
  • UNI Shuffle Post-up - Counter with Gate Screen


    2 Bohannon (5 - SG) executes a DHO with 1 Washpun (11 - PG) on the wing


    4 Jesperson (4 - PF) moves up the lane in position to set the "shuffle screen"

  • UNI Shuffle Post-up - Counter with Gate Screen


    4 Jesperson (4 - PF) moves to set the shuffle screen on 2 Bohannon (5 - SG) who moves into the lane and sells the play by putting his hand up to signal like he will screen in the last sequence for 5 Koch (25 - C)


    5 Koch (25 - C) also moves down putting his fist up like he will screen for 3 Morgan (20 - SF) and both move together to set the "gate screen" for 2 Bohannon (5 - SG) who runs between the gate and receives the pass for the catch & shoot 3 pt shot from 1 Washpun (11 - PG)


    What sells this counter action is the "fist" in the air, hesitation, and then timing of the gate screen to free up Bohannon for the open jumper behind the arc