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About This Play/Drill

The 2nd ATO play run by the Cavaliers last night was out of a Box Set.

Brogdon sells this play by putting up his FIST like he will down screen for Thompson and quickly changes directions cutting through the elevator screen set by Gill & and Wilkins.
Perrantes dribbles over for a good passing angle and hits Brogdon flaring out of the elevator screen for a 3 pt shot

This play was well designed and executed to perfection by Tony Bennett's Cavaliers in a pressure situation.

  • Basketball Play - Box Set - Gate Action



1:03 2nd Half CAL 62 UVA 57


15 Brogdon (2) starts down the lane with his hand up like he will set a screen for 51 Thompson (3)


15 Brogdon steps off hard catching his defender and runs through the "elevator screen" set by 13 Gill (5) & 21 Wilkins (4)


32 Perrantes (1) dribbles over and hits 15 Brogdon (2) flaring off the "elevator screen" for a 3 pt shot cutting the CAL lead to 62-60