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About This Play/Drill

This is nicely designed play from Bill Self and his Kansas Jayhawks which they ran in the second half of their game against Oklahoma on Saturday night looking to get Greene a shot at the TOK off a possible elevator action.

Selden Jr. did a good job reading the defense drifting to the corner where Graham found him alone for the skip pass and wide open shot.

  • Basketball Play - Kansas Jayhawks "2"
  • Basketball Play - Kansas Jayhawks "2"
  • Kansas Jayhawks "2" Play


    Graham (#4) passes to Lucas (#33) on the elbow


    As Lucas (#33) receives the ball, Selden (#1) cuts back door and with no pass being made, he pops back out to the wing


    Ellis (#34) steps up to set a flare screen and Lucas (#33) passes over the top to Graham (#4) coming off the flare

  • Kansas Jayhawks "2" Play


    Greene (#14) cuts over the top of the shoulder-to-shoulder screen set by Lucas (#33) & Ellis (#34)


    Graham (#4) reads the defense on the weak side as Selden Jr. (#1) slides to the corner and receives the skip pass for the wide open shot