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About This Play/Drill

This is the SLOB ran last night by Brad Stevens and Butler down 70-67 against Marquette with .13 to play.

The play used great misdirection in getting Clarke a clean look at a 3 which bounced off, but because of the great weak side rebounding position by Butler, they were able to tap in the rebound cutting the lead to 70-69.

A very well designed set by from a timeout situation by the Butler Bulldogs and their great young Coach Brad Stevens.

  • Basketball Play - Butler SLOB
  • Basketball Play - Butler SLOB
  • Dunham set a cross screen for Marshall really driving his man across the lane to create open space for Marshall

    Jones threw a perfect pass to Marshall

    Clarke & Fromm are moving out to the ball to set-up the next action


  • Fromm steps across the top of the key to set a screen for Clarke

    Clarke comes hard off the screen receiving the pass from Marshall for the 3 pt attempt which fell short

    But, Butler had great weakside rebounding position and Fromm was able to tap the ball in cutting the lead to 70-69 setting up a wild finish

    A great set run by one of the truly brilliant young minds in college basketball today