Cyclones Double - FastModel Sports

Published 01/23/2013 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Iowas State ran this baseline stagger screen action looking to get a good look for the shooter Babb, Hi / Lo pass to the FT line, or a post isolation on the block

A well executed play and easy set to run at any level

  • Basketball Play - Cyclones Double
  • Basketball Play - Cyclones Double
  • Iowa State Double


    Babb (2) runs off a baseline double stagger set by Gibson (24) & Ejim (3)


    Clyburn clears across the lane to the weak side wing


    Lucious (13) passes to Babb (2) coming off the double looking to catch & shoot


    Gibson (24) flashes to the FT line looking for a possible pass & HI / Lo entry

  • Iowa State Double


    When Babb (2) has no shot, he looks to make the post entry pass to Ejim (3) who has sealed his man


    On the post pass Gibson (24) dives to the weak side low block looking for a quick pass if his man doubles or helps


    Lucious (13) creates space moving into a passing angle for the kickout