Spurs EOG Stagger Swing - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

The San Antonio Spurs used this play against the Washington Wizards on December 2nd for a win. 

  • Basketball Play - Spurs EOG Stagger Swing
  • Basketball Play - Spurs EOG Stagger Swing
  • The play is designed for a small ball 4. The 1 and 4 set a double stagger screen to bring the 2 up to the top of the 3 point line. The four runs off a pick set by the 5 to the strong side corner. (Note: the goal for the 5 is to force the 4's defender over the top enabling a rip and go move for the 4). The 3 passes to the 4 in the corner and steps in to the wing three for a possible shot.

  • If the defender goes over the top of the 5's screen then the 4 should have a baseline drive. The 1 should see the baseline drive and drift (it's a sprint really) to the weakside corner. The 5 should position them self at the top of the dots and the 2 should sprint to the above the break three for a possible shot.