North Carolina Gate "Slip" - FastModel Sports

Published 12/15/2016 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

North Carolina ran this simple Box Set Elevator play against Tennessee the other night.

The cross screen in the paint sets up the screener to run through the gate screen at the FT line.

As the shooter is ready to come through the gate, the inside screener slips to the basket and receives a perfectly timed pass in the lane for the easy dunk.

A great call and adjustment off the Tar Heels regular set play!

  • Basketball Play - North Carolina Gate "Slip"
  • Basketball Play - North Carolina Gate "Slip"
  • UNC Tar Heels "Gate Slip" Action


    3 (Williams) sets the cross screen for 2 (White) who cuts out to the ball side corner

  • UNC Tar Heels "Gate Slip" Action


    3 (Williams) looks to run through what looks like a "gate screen" at the FT line.


    5 (Maye) sets a single screen for 3 (Williams) who cuts to the top of the key


    4 (Bradley) moves like he will set the "gate screen", but instead slips to the ring for the pass from 1 (Britt) for the dunk.