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About This Play/Drill

Here is an out of bounds play we use late in the game, when a team is playing us M-2-M under.  It allows us to create mismatches on teams that will swtich the screening action or we will hit the flex cut for a score.

  • Basketball Play - Strong
  • Basketball Play - Strong
  • Align in a 4 across set.


    As the official is handing 1 the ball...


    4 breaks to the elbow to catch the lob over top. After 4 catches the lob 5 sprints to the lane line extended area to catch the pass from 4.


  • 1 will set a flex cut screen for 3 and 5 will set a down screen for 1. (Screen the screener concept here).


    5 can hit the flex cut or the inbounder coming off the screen.