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Published 02/15/2014 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The Murray State Racers have in Cameron Payne a Freshman with ultra quick footwork and the ability to breakdown defenders 1 v 1.

This set utilizes that quickness starting in a 1-4 low set and using the wing man to set a screen on x5 giving the 5 man a chance to sprint to set a screen thus eliminating help.

Payne reads the defender, rejects the screen and attacks the post side where he rubs his defender into the post and throws up a floater to the basket.

  • Basketball Play - Racers PG Iso

Murray State PG Iso vs M2M


2 (Fields - 23) cuts across the lane to set a screen on x5 as 5 (Fairell - 2) sprints to set an on ball screen for 1 (Payne - 1)


3 (Moss - 31) moves up to fill the wing


1 (Payne - 1) rejects the screen and looks to attack the basket as 4 (Williams - 4) does a good job pushing his defender up the lane giving 1 (Payne - 1) a chance to get to the rack - what makes this play effective is Payne's ability to use Williams, rubbing his defender into the body