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About This Play/Drill

Here is a quick hitter that is run out of a box set and involves a little misdirection. In this play, 2 is your best shooter and you are looking for multiple opportunities for him to get the ball in a scoring position whether it be off of the flex cut, or off of the pin down from 4. If this play is executed properly, it could be a great asset to add to your offensive arsenal. 

  • Basketball Play - Flex Option
  • Basketball Play - Flex Option
  • Basketball Play - Flex Option
  • 1 dribbles opposite of the post that he will throw to. 5 cuts to up the lane to recieve a reveral pass from 1. 3 cuts to the corner. 2 cuts out as well.

  • 2 flex cuts off a screen from 4. 5 looks to hit 2 on the flex cut or 4 on the duck in. If neither option is available, 5 throws back to 1.

  • 2 fakes like he is going to come off of a stagger from 3 and 5, but instead cuts off a screen set by 4. 3 then cuts off of 5's screen as well. 1 has the option of who to throw to.