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About This Play/Drill

The Boston Celtics ran 3 end of game sideline out plays with 18 seconds left in a game vs the Houston Rockets. With a defensive foul and a few offensive fouls drawn, the Celtics were able to get 3 possessions late in the game. This is the first SLOB Boston ran that only burned 5 seconds. It's an excellent EOG set for a quick 2 when the defense may be set to better defend the 3.

See video below!

Boston Celtics - Punch SLOB

Boston Celtics - Back Screen for Inbounder SLOB

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  • Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - SLOB Box Stagger/Iso Option
  • Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - SLOB Box Stagger/Iso Option
  • This SLOB began in a box set. The primary shooter and scorer, #11 Kyrie Irving, is on the strong side block. #36 Marcus Smart is on the weak side block. Al Horford #42 is essentially a downscreener. #36 cuts to the ball.

  • On the catch #36 judges how the defense is playing him. If he was not closely guarded, #11 Kyrie Irving is coming off a double stagger screen to the 3 point line. Since there was on ball pressure, #36 in attacked the rim in isolation.