Boston Celtics - Point - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This action is from Boston's Point Series. Boston's "Point" is a simple wide single away. The visual cue is the ball handler "pointing" for the action. Brown, Tatum, and Smart will bounce it out for a step up screen and Horford will look to seal in paint. Check out more options off of this basic Point set.

FMS Blog: Boston Celtics - Keeping it Simple with Spread Offense

  • Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - Point
  • Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - Point
  • Wide weak side pin down for 2. 
    (Can be run to either side - 5 pins down for 3)

  • 4 sets step up screen and pops.

    2 throws back to 4, who hits 5 on seal.