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Published 08/20/2013 by Adam Spinella Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

In 2008, Jay Triano drew this play for a high handoff with Chris Bosh, who would likely pop out and set a ballscreen. Instead, the play worked out so that Bosh's presence with the ball would serve as a decoy for an off-ball player to cut backdoor and receive a pass from the man Bosh pitches the ball to.

  • Basketball Play - 08 Raptors Backdoor Find
  • Basketball Play - 08 Raptors Backdoor Find
  • Anthony Parker (2) curls to the corner. Bosh (5) sets an elbow screen for Marion (4) to pop out. Inbound goes directly to Bosh.

  • Marion screens Kapono (3), then slips for the backdoor. Bosh can either flip and play with Kapono or hit Marion on the cut