Post 5 - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

The Louisville Cardinals did a good job using the screen-the-screener action initially to get their 1 man free for the inbounds pass.

3 times his screen perfectly as 1 dribbles down the wing to hit 5 flashing to the ball off 3's screen.

The Cardinals do a good job opening the lane as 4 clears above the 3 pt line after setting the screen to free 1 for the inbounds pass.

  • Basketball Play - Post 5
  • Basketball Play - Post 5
  • 1 screens across the lane for 5 who flashes to the opposite block looking for a quick pass


    4 screens-the-screener as 1 pops out and receives the ihbounds pass from 3


    4 pops behind the 3 pt line after his screen clearing the lane for the next action

  • 3 comes inbounds and sets a screen in the lane for 5 who uses the screen to receive a pass from 1