GLTB-Get LeBron The Ball - FastModel Sports

Published 08/12/2014 by Marc Skelton Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Former Maccabi Tel Aviv and new Cleveland Cavaliers Coach David Blatt used this BLOB down 1 point with 16 seconds to play in the 4th quarter against Olympiactos. They did not score. However, you can imagine it will set up a nice isolation for LeBron James in the post. 

  • Basketball Play - GLTB-Get LeBron The Ball
  • Basketball Play - GLTB-Get LeBron The Ball
  • 1. 5 screens for 4. 5 pops for the pass.

    2. 1 runs to 5 for a dho.

    3. 5 head hunts and screens LBJ's man

    4. If they switches LBJ will now be guarded by a 5 creating a nice mismatch

  • Shooters are spaced properly