Elbow - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Here is a nice little secondary break action that gives you a isolation in the post as well as bringing a shooter off a double screen for a 3.  

  • Basketball Play - Elbow
  • Basketball Play - Elbow
  • Basketball Play - Elbow
  • 1. (4) sets a drag screen for the (1) at the elbow.


    2. (5) and (3) cut to the respective blocks in the same direction as (1) who is using the ball screen set by (4).


    3. (2) waits free throw line extended.

  • 4. (3) will set a back screen for (4); who is looking for the lob from (1).


    5. If the lob is not thrown (3) will pop out after setting the screen and receive a pass from (1).


  • 6. (4) will post up on the ball side block looking for the ISO in the post.


    7. (3) will dribble the ball from the top "slot" position to the wing (free throw line extended).


    8. (1) and (5) will set a staggered screen for the (2) who has walked his man to the short corner.


    It is very important that you allow (1) to set the first screen and (5) sets the second screen. This allows for (5) to shape up in the paint after the screen if there is not shot for (2) coming off the screen.