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Czar is the alter ego of Nino Samuel. I am a basketball trainer with over 20 years of experience teaching the fundamental's of the game of Basketball. I also function as a video game Consultant to top selling NBA Basketball games like the NBA 2K series. My specialty is combining my knowledge of the history of baskebtball games, and their controls, with my real world basketball knowledge to assist development teams in making their games a more authentic basketball experience. 

I have had the pleasure of working with all kinds of athletes from beginners to Hall of Famers like Katrina Mcclain, and Teresa Edwards. 

As a trainer I have been called the Mr Miyagi of Basketball trainiers by former students due to my ability to communicate the effectiveness of the simplist of fundamentals into powerful tools on the offensive and defensive side of the basketball.

In 2003 I noticed the lack of actual Basketball strategy in sports video games and began writing tutorials which eventually lead me to doing videos on where the games succeeded and where they fell short. This has lead to a near cult like following in the video game world where I am know as Da_Czar the President of the SIM(simulation basketball)Nation.



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