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Basketball Play - Swing Exchange

Swing Exchange

Randy Sherman 05/18/2018

Swing Exchange is an option upon the swing or centering pass to the center trailer in Early Offense. On passes to the center trailer the offense executes "dual actions" in this case a simple exchage. The ball movement and dual actions move players prior to the pentration moment (spread ball screen). For more Spread Ball Screen Entries: Playbook: Spread Ball Screen Entries Blog Post: Spread Ball Screen Entries - Dual Action See More

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Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors "Wing Twist Fence"

Golden State Warriors "Wing Twist Fence"

Gibson Pyper 06/01/2015

This is great action that flows directly out of their early offense and 21 series, with options for both Klay and Steph. The ball is pushed early with a pass just like 21, but instead the player receiving the first pass reverses the ball to the trailing big at the top of the key. After this Steph and Klay play off each other screening for one another and reading the defense. Whichever guard pops to the wing comes off a dribble hand off from the big, the other comes off double screen on opposite side. Kerr runs a couple of wrinkles out of this action, having Klay being a screener in the double screen and peeling off for a shot and another nice Elevator counter out of it. See More

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