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Basketball Play - Dive Decoy

Dive Decoy

Randy Brown 03/24/2013

This is a quick hitting play that uses 4 as a decoy. 1 passes to 2 and hold his spot. 4 dives to right block demanding the ball. 5 cuts off 4's tail to set quick down screen for 3. Look for 3 to be open for a split second in the middle of the lane. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - New York's staggered triple screen

New York's staggered triple screen

Mark Travis 03/11/2013

Aside from having an extremely talented offensive player like Carmelo Anthony, the biggest reason that the Knicks rank third in the NBA in scoring efficiency is the beautiftul playbook that Mike Woodson has assembled. Granted, a lot of the stuff the Knicks run today comes straight out of Mike D'Antoni's scheme - in fact, I think New York runs more of D'Antoni's stuff than the Lakers do - but Woodson deserves a ton of credit for how he has handled the offense this season. Here is a play that New York occasionally runs in semi-transition or in the half-court. It is a high staggered triple screen that takes advantage of New York's staple offensively: a stretch four. Usually, that player is Carmelo, but in this particular example, with Melo out with an injury, Steve Novak assumes the role of a stretch four. The staggered triple screen action has a pair of pick-and-pops and a pick-and-roll to cap it off that can send the defense scrambling to find their assignments and put them in a poor position to defend in the case of a mismatch or good ball rotation. When the Knicks ran it against the Cavs a couple of days ago, Cleveland got all out of place following Novak at the three-point line and left Amare wide open on the roll for an easy dunk. See More

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Basketball Play - Poke WS Lob

Poke WS Lob

Mark Travis 02/28/2013

When you have a versatile shooting guard like Markel Brown that can effectively score on the wing and in the paint, forcing an isolated defender to make a choice on how to guard him before he even catches the ball can be a good way to get an easy bucket. Look how Travis Ford got Brown isolated on one side of the floor with this double high screen and roll action and how it gets Brown an open lane to the rim. See More

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Basketball Play - Double Skip Pass Drill

Double Skip Pass Drill

Randy Brown 02/11/2013

This drill will help you incorporate the skip pass into your zone offense for open threes or post shots. The idea is to shift the zone with the first skip pass, then skip back over the zone to the original side for an open shot. Using a good screening angle on the second skip your best shooter can prepare to knock down a big three point basket. See More

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