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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - Iverson Cross

Boston Celtics - Iverson Cross

KJ Smith 05/15/2018

The initial Iverson screen gets the passer open on the wing, while the other guard prepares to set a shuffle screen to the rim. Next a pindown is set for 3 as 1 sprints to the opposite corner to take their defender with them. 3 looks to attack with a spread ball screen if nothing develops. See More

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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - Swing Punch Rip

Boston Celtics - Swing Punch Rip

Ryan Nguyen 07/07/2017

This is a counter out of the Boston Celtics "Swing" series that they've been running at the 2017 NBA Summer League. Rather than 2 passing to 4 and receiving a back-screen from 5 for a shuffle screen, 2 dribbles at 4 and 4 back-cuts to the basket for a post-up. After 4 receives the ball on the block, 5 sets a back-screen for 2. 2 cuts to the basket looking for a drop pass from 4 for a layup. See More

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Basketball Play - Russia (W) - Middle P/R

Russia (W) - Middle P/R

Ryan Nguyen 06/17/2017

Russia ran this middle pick-&-roll action against Belgium in their second game at FIBA EuroBasket Women 2017. The slice (shuffle screen) and screen-the-screener action is decoy to force the defense to move before getting into a middle pick-&-roll attack. As soon as 1 catches the ball from 2 up top, 5 turns around and sprint immediately into a ball-screen. As 5 rolls to the basket 2 "shakes" behind to create a single-side bump. 1 has option of passing to 5 rolling or 2 lifting behind for shot. If X5 is late recovering, 5 rolls into a post-up and receives the post feed from 2 (off of the triangle passing from 1). Another option is to have 4 "short" the pick-&-roll if X5 hard hedges. See More

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Basketball Play - Lithuania - DHO UCLA Shuffle

Lithuania - DHO UCLA Shuffle

Matt Wheeler 08/08/2016

Lithuania ran this unique shuffle cut variation in their opening round game against Brazil. Typically shuffle cut actions put the player receiving the staggered screen in the weakside corner . This way they can easily come off of the staggered screen after the shuffle screen takes place. In this play, 3 uses the UCLA cut to look for a layup on the strong side. If 3 isn't open he moves to weakside block to open up a cutting area for 1, who is using the shuffle screen from 4. 4 & 5 then immediately set a staggered screen for 3. If 3 doesn't have a shot, Lithuania has added a ball screen option where the point guard sets a back screen for the 5 to free him up for a layup. See More

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Basketball Play - Double Stagger Action

Double Stagger Action

Dana Beszczynski 04/01/2016

Laboral Kutxa ran this set against Real Madrid in their Euroleague round of 16 game Friday night. Starts with a "modified" Horns entry with a wing DHO into a SPNR The shuffle screen is set as a "decoy" for the double stagger action which takes place after the SPNR As the shooter comes off the double, with no shot available, the ball side Post steps out to Pick "n" Pop into a 3 pt shot See More

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Basketball Play - UNI Gate Screen Counter

UNI Gate Screen Counter

Dana Beszczynski 11/23/2015

UNI ran this counter action to the shuffle screen which saw Koch come into the post receiving a pass from Jesperson who popped out after his screen. This time, Jesperson screens Bohannon who runs into the lane, hesitates by putting his "fist" up to signal screen and Koch also moves down as if to set a screen for Morgan. Both come together and execute a perfect "gate screen" for Bohannon who runs between the screens, closing to seal off the defender and Bohannon is free for the open 3 pt shot. Ben Jacobsen's team is very exciting and fun to watch. This is an excellent series you can easily install at any level to keep your opponents guessing! See More

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Basketball Play - Utah


Randy Brown 04/28/2014

Time tested play for three point shot. 1 enters and cuts to left corner as 4 flashes high to catch reversal pass. On 4-3 pass, 2 cuts off 5's shuffle screen to open lane area. 1 uses staggered 4-5 screen for open three point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Secondary Staggers

Secondary Staggers

Dana Beszczynski 02/10/2014

Santa Clara plays in the WCC and Head Coach Kerry Keating has done a good job of revitalizing Broncos basketball. They achieved 24+ wins for the second time in 3 years in 2012-13. In their WCC match-up with BYU on Thursday night, they ran this Secondary Action which incorporates the use of a double staggered screen & the shuffle screen. There is a lot of player and ball movement in this set forcing the defense to react quickly. Taking advantage of the long hedge at the end of this play, the Bronocs were able to jump out to an early lead on the 3 pt play. See More

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