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Basketball Play - Washington Wizards - Shuffle/Stagger Spain

Washington Wizards - Shuffle/Stagger Spain

Greg Youncofski 04/26/2016

To make this as effective as possible have your best shooter set the backscreen for the 5 man. This puts his defender in a very difficult position as he has a split second to decide if he is going to stop the ball, stop the roll, or just worry about preventing the best three-point shooter from getting an open shot. It is also effective because it brings three defenders to the main action in the middle of the floor, thus eliminating another help defender just standing there waiting to rotate. See More

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Basketball Play - Hawaii - Double Stagger

Hawaii - Double Stagger

Dana Beszczynski 03/20/2016

Eran Ganot is the 21st head coach of the UH men's basketball program. At 33 years old, he is the second youngest to lead the Rainbow Warriors, Bruce O'Neil was 28 years old when he hired and began his four year head coaching career at UH (1973-76). A former UH assistant coach, Ganot returns to Manoa from Saint Mary's College in Moraga, Calif., where he served most recently as the associate head coach; earning runner-up in the West Coast Conference (WCC) standings; making an appearance in the National Invitation Tournament (NIT); and ending the season with a 21-10 record. The Rainbows have had a solid season and came into the NCAA Tournament believing they could make some noise and that they did by knocking off the PAC 12 opponent Cal on Friday night. See More

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Basketball Play - Purdue Shuffle Stagger Action

Purdue Shuffle Stagger Action

Dana Beszczynski 02/08/2016

This is an excellent play designed by Purdue Coach Matt Painter out of a Box Set. Purdue runs a pass entry into a UCLA screening action. With the opposite big popping to the TOK, the PG sets a shuffle cut and runs into a double stagger. On the pass to the TOK, the wing then runs baseline off a triple screen to the opposite side looking to make the defense chase. At the end, Purdue runs a "hamer screen" action off a guard-to-guard exchange and as a last option a SPNR into a shot behind the SPNR See More

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Basketball Play - Slice


Cody Toppert 09/18/2015

If the 1 goes DHO with the 2 Slice Action can take place. That means the 4 will pop out (or set a flare screen to move up top and then pop out). The 2 will immediately reverse the ball to the 4 who will complete the full reversal but hitting the 3 on the wing. The 2 will then “Slice” cut to the strong side block off the screen from the 5. After the cut, the 5 and 4 set a double staggered for the 1 who receives the pass from the 3 at the top of the key. After screening 1, the 4 and 5 complete the wheel action and screen the 2 who peels back off the second double staggered. The 1 then looks to hit the 2 for the shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Georgia Chin Shuffle

Georgia Chin Shuffle

Adam Spinella 03/16/2015

Georgia coach Mark Fox has done a fantastic job turning around a Bulldog program that has been towards the bottom of the SEC for the better part of a decade. Now securing an at-large birth to the NCAA Tournament, Fox is finally getting some well-deserved recognition, in particular for his offense. Fox employs a lot of high post actions, raising his big men to the elbows and the three point line to open driving lanes and take away help at the rim. The multitude of dribble handoffs that Georgia runs keeps defenses honest, and the speed at which they run them makes them dangerous offensively. One of the most impressive sets I saw Fox and his team run during their second game of the year against Kentucky was a variation of the Chin offense that split into the shuffle offense. By moving the ball side-to-side several times, the defense was forced to shift and move by reacting to the player and ball movement. The shuffle offense is effective because it allows a post-up opportunity with great spacing; Fox’s set drops the trailer or the 4-man to the block for what can be a mis-match post. See More

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Basketball Play - Arizona Set Play vs M2M

Arizona Set Play vs M2M

Dana Beszczynski 02/28/2014

This Arizona Wildcats Set Play vs M2M uses two sets of staggered screens to get either the 1 or the 2 man a good look at an open jumper, gives the 5 man a chance to operate inside, and incorporates good movement & replace action on the inside pass, forcing the defense into decisions on how to guard. Sean Miller's Wildcats team is exciting to watch and will certainly be one of the top seeds come NCAA Tournament time. See More

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Basketball Play - Box Option #3

Box Option #3

Randy Brown 02/08/2014

This basic box alignment can lead to multiple scoring options. Option #3 is designed for ball reversal followed by on ball 4-1 screen. 1 uses the screen to drive into the paint to score. 2 spots up on the right wing for open three if his defender helps. See More

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Basketball Play - Box Option #2

Box Option #2

Randy Brown 02/08/2014

This basic box alignment can lead to multiple scoring options. Option #2 is designed to clear the right side of the floor for 2. The key is 4's pass fake to 1 before passing to 2 on right wing. Immediately on the catch, 2 puts it on the floor to the basket. See More

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