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Basketball Play - Arkansas Zipper Stagger

Arkansas Zipper Stagger

Wes Kosel 09/20/2015

1 dribbles right as 3 cuts off of a staggered zipper screen from 5 and 4. 1 passes to 3 then flares to the corner off of a screen from 2. 5 screens for 4 who cuts to the left wing. If neither 1 or 4 are open for a shot, 3 passes to 2 stepping to the ball. 3 screens away and 5 posts up. Once 4 gets the ball at the top of the key, 2 follows the pass and sets a small on big high ball-screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper Fist SLOB

Zipper Fist SLOB

Daniel Murphy 07/31/2013

Zipper screen to a ball screen from the sideline. Simple play that allows your players to make reads. 4 and 5 can roll and replace. 1 can finish at the rim. Hit 5 on the roll. 4 on the replace for a shot or hi-low with 5. If any weakside help pulls in, 1 can pass out for an open perimeter jump shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs Zipper Triple Flare

Spurs Zipper Triple Flare

Kevin Bruinsma 07/09/2013

In the Western Conference Finals the San Antonio Spurs ran the corner flare action a few times against the Memphis Grizzlies. I didn't see it much against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. Here they utlized a zipper screen to get the 3 man the ball at the top of the key allowing #9 Tony Parker to run off 3 screens. After 2 set his screen he sprints to the wing that Parker started in. With all of the focus on Parker the ball goes back to the wing. The big comes to ball screen, which is rejected as #20 Manu Ginobili drives baseline. #9 Tony Parker drifts to the corner, and #21 Tim Duncan has two options based on his positioning and his defender, duck in and look for the drop down pass or set flare screen for Parker. See More

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Basketball Play - Pacer Iverson Empty Side Ball Screen

Pacer Iverson Empty Side Ball Screen

Kevin Bruinsma 06/17/2013

The Indiana Pacers loved to run #24 Paul George off the Iverson Action or Zipper screens to get him open. Here after running off #21 David West's Iverson screen, he gets a ball screen from him. The key to this action is everyone clearing out on the ball screen as the 5 ducks in to the middle of the paint. With #21 West's shooting ability and #24 George's ability to create, score, and make plays more often then not the opponents in this case the Miami Heat will switch the bigs sending the 5 man's defender out to defend the popping 4 man. This leaves the 5 man with a guard dropping down on him. #55 Roy Hibbert did an unbelievable job of getting to the lane and sealing a smaller 2 man here. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs Triple

Spurs Triple

Daniel Murphy 06/01/2013

The Spurs ran this at the 7:15 mark in the first quarter of their 104-93 game 3 win over Memphis. This is one of my favorite sets the Spurs run and it is very difficult to guard because the defender has to run off three screens and there are a variety of counters to each defensive adjustment. Often the 2 man comes offf 5's zipper screen but in this situation, 2 just cut to the top and 5 set the first of three screens. This play demonstrates just one option and read of many possibilities. The ending to this play was great because Memphis trapped the ball screen, Paker hit the pop man Duncan and then Duncan hit Paker on the backdoor cut. The unselfish ball movement by the Spurs is a great part of their offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Heat - Zipper Flare

Miami Heat - Zipper Flare

Tony Miller 05/20/2022

Watch the video below as Coach Tony Miller uses FastDraw, the #1 play diagramming program for basketball coaches, to share this set from 2022 Eastern Conference finalist Miami Heat. Coach Erik Spoelstra is known for his quick hitters, and this set is a perfect example: three scoring opportunities created by one flare action. Send to FastDraw using the button above. (new subscribers use code: SAVE10) Follow Coach Miller on Twitter View Coach Miller's Playbank page for more plays & drills More FastDraw content from Coach Miller: SSGs for Player Development & Team Offense SSGs for Ball Screen Offense Brad Stevens Playbook Check out the latest coaching content from FMS See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Heat - Iso Elevator BLOB

Miami Heat - Iso Elevator BLOB

Garrett Hickey 03/01/2021

This is a great BLOB run by the Miami heat. It give 3 great options throughout the action. 1 is the guy being back screened, 2 is the pass rip through to the player iverson cutting, 3 is the player coming off the elevator screen. i use this with my high school and AAU teams and it is a great way to get an easy bucket. You can also use this in a late clock situation and have the 2 set the back screen then fly through the elevator for a quick shot or curl to the rim. FastModel's biggest offer of the year for new subscribers! Use code at checkout: MARCHMADNESS See More

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