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Basketball Play - Loop Iverson Dayton

Loop Iverson Dayton

Evan Orzolek 06/10/2017

Ball screen set run by Stelmet Zielona Gora from the Polish Basketball League. Includes a zipper, iverson, and cross screen that flows into a double ball screen for a perimeter player. "Dayton" is a term I came up with when the first ball screen is set player "4" (who automatically pops) and then is followed by a second ball screen by player "5" (who rolls to the rim). See More

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Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors "Zip Mix Pindown"

Golden State Warriors "Zip Mix Pindown"

Gibson Pyper 06/01/2015

Steve Kerr has been my favorite coach to watch his actions all season after time outs and the playoffs have been no different. He runs great action here for a quick hitter shot, and a nice backdoor option. The biggest part of these sets is the fake dribble hand off to Steph at the top of the key, that fake freezes the big man's defender and allows for a clean pass. See More

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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers "Zipper Down PNR"

Cleveland Cavaliers "Zipper Down PNR"

Gibson Pyper 05/30/2015

David Blatt has been adding new sets almost every single game throughout this season. To start the playoffs he added this new set "Zipper Cross" to try and get Kevin Love a post up in Game 1. Throughout Games 1 & 2 he then ran this set with different counters and options out of it, the main one being a high Pick & Roll for Kyrie Irving to attack out of. The set starts off with a Zipper cut (typically by Kyrie Irving) and then the bigs cross, looking to get Kevin Love to seal out of it. If the post is not open or if Blatt wants Kyrie to attack out of the Pick & Roll, the 5 man continues high and Love exits to the corner to space the floor. They have also ran this for Lebron to post & then counter that with him flashing to the Elbow for an isolation. See More

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Basketball Play - Atlanta Hawks "UCLA Flare"

Atlanta Hawks "UCLA Flare"

Gibson Pyper 04/30/2015

Coach of the Year Mike Budenholzer is one of the best, if not the best, coach in after timeout and special situations to get players great shot opportunities. To start game 5 against the Brooklyn Nets he gets alot of movement before getting Kyle Korver an open look from 3. They run the normal "Zipper" cut into a double screen to get some action before the initial set. Their big pops to the wing, and Budenholzer has Korver set a UCLA screen before coming off a flare screen for an open look from 3. See More

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