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Basketball Play - UCLA


Dana Beszczynski 08/02/2013

High Elbow Flash Action In this play Cameron Dollar hits Ed O'Bannon flashing to the ballside elbow to initiate the offense High Elbow Flash Action Toby Bailey cut backdoor staying wide looking for the pass from E. O'Bannon As Bailey is cutting to the basket: Cameron Dollar who took over for the injured Tyus Edney makes a direct cut to the basket and receives the pass from E. O'Bannon for his shot attempt The 5 man Georg Zidek did a good job stepping out giving space for the cut UCLA Curl Cut Action In this set, Toby Bailey ran the PG position Cameron Dollar (1) gets a backscreen from E. O'Bannon looking for a quick hit backdoor Charles O'Bannon (3) and Georg Zidek (5) exchange positions setting up the next action in this set UCLA Curl Cut Action Cameron Dollar (1) then sets a backscreen for E. O'Bannon who was wide open under the basket On the opposite side: Georg Zidek (5) set a downscreen for C. O'Bannon (3) who curled the cut as his defender was trailing Bailey chose to hit C. O'Bannon here, but this is a real good set to catch the defense in a "switching" situation See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Back Screen / Stagger Action

UCLA Back Screen / Stagger Action

Dana Beszczynski 12/03/2013

This is the opening play run by the UCLA Bruins in their match-up against Nevada the ther night. Steve Alford is in his first season at the head of the storied UCLA program. Alford left New Mexico where he built a winning program and made the Lobos a yearly team for discussion come NCAA Tourmament time. This play is a well designed action run out of Transition as the flashing post takes away thte weak side help on the backdoor action which opens the play. The stagger screen is set-up by the down screen at the elbow for the PG. With a good screening action, the Bruins were able to get an open look at the three right at the outset of the game. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Bruins

UCLA Bruins

Dana Beszczynski 02/15/2016

UCLA started the game off against Arizona State trying to get Isaac Hamilton (18.2 ppg) their leading scorer a touch early. Starting out wide and receiving a wide screen from Welsh, Hamilton works into a dribble flip action and immediately receives a ball screen as the defense tried to fight over the screen, Hamilton got in the lane to score on the floater. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Transition Offense

UCLA Transition Offense

Dana Beszczynski 02/15/2016

UCLA Transition Motion action. Great "Hammer Screen" action right off as UCLA looks to free up Hamilton on the wing. When there's no shot, the screener Bolden comes back to a SPNR action looking to post-up. Steve Alford does a good job moving the players around in his sets giving them the best chance to utilize their skills to score. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA-Flex


Daniel Murphy 04/17/2013

The Los Angeles Clippers ran this in the second half vs. the Los Angeles Lakers in the Clippers 109-95 win on 4/7/12. It provides a post up for a 4 man coming off a flex screen from a 1, and a mid range jump shot for the 1, coming off a down screen from a 2. It is a counter to a stagger screen which the Clippers also used. See More

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Basketball Play - NBA Best Play of the Night May 9: Oklahoma City Thunder: UCLA Set

NBA Best Play of the Night May 9: Oklahoma City Thunder: UCLA Set

Daniel Murphy 05/09/2013

OKC ran this set midway through the third quarter of game 2. At this point Durant had only taken 9 shots. He had the ball in his hands a lot and was facilitating for his teamates. This was a great set to get him a touch with the ball out of his hands. After he hit this shot he got it rolling to finish out the quarter. The UCLA Ball Screen-Stagger is a common set with a lot of options, many of which are posted on FastModel. Reversing the ball back to a shooter coming off a pin down is a great option. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs UCLA

Spurs UCLA

Daniel Murphy 05/05/2014

With less than a minute left in Game 6 the Spurs tied the game verse Dallas with this UCLA screen. Setting a pindown on the weakside occupied the defense. x3 jumped to the ball and stayed between the ball and his man. Manu did an excellent job of reverse pivoting and sealing Calderon and recieving a pass from Ducan. If you have a big pg or another big guard who can handle the ball and initiate the offense this is a great way to get a mismatch in the post. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA to Ball Screen

UCLA to Ball Screen

Andrew Lacey 04/07/2015

Here is a nice little ATO set that can be used in late game situations or when you need a basket. Starting in a 1-4 High alignment can allow for the defense to be vulerable to the back door cut. Nonetheless the ball screen actions will draw a lot of attention and allow for the three on the wing or the reversal and throw inside. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA to Stagger

UCLA to Stagger

Andrew Lacey 04/10/2015

Here is an little adjustment to the UCLA to Ball Screen action that I posted earlier. Here we use the UCLA (rub cut) and allow the Post to reverse the ball to change the sides of the floor. You can get a nice ISO inside early on the reversal or you can wait for the jumper as the second option. See More

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Basketball Play - Kentucky- UCLA Pin Stagger

Kentucky- UCLA Pin Stagger

Andrew Lacey 03/18/2016

Coach John Calipari is known for his Dribble Drive Offense. However, with the size and skill that he puts on the floor nigh in and night out he has the ability to take advantage of mismatches early in the possession. Often overlooked is his ability to create movement before the dribble drive concepts take place. Below is a nice 1-4 set that he used against Stony Brook that created multiple scoring options as well as opened up driving lanes. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Floppy Canada

UCLA Floppy Canada

Adam Spinella 03/21/2017

For all the shooters UCLA has, their big men are underappreciated for how good they are in the mid-range. This action allows them to take advantage of their mid-range shooting prowess by driving a guard on the baseline, then hitting a big man for the pick-and-pop. See More

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