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Basketball Play - Clear


Brandon Mullis 05/03/2015

Here is a quick hitting BLOB set that one of our opponents ran against us two seasons ago. If the shooter does not have the open shot in the opposite corner coming off the double screens, he can then look inside for a post entry. See More

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Basketball Play - Georgetown 4 Around 1

Georgetown 4 Around 1

Andrew Greer 03/20/2015

Georgetown ran this 4 around 1 set throughout their Round 2 matchup with Eastern Washington. The Hoyas used several different variations of the set utilizing the similar setup but unpredictable result. The action pictured is the base set. Dribble handoffs, double screens, flare screens, and back screens were all used out of this based set. Georgetown uses a 4 out 1 in look almost every possession and can run this set with interchangeable perimeter players. See More

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Basketball Play - Flex & Flare (Double Away)

Flex & Flare (Double Away)

Randy Sherman 02/26/2015

A way to get more double screens and flare screens into a flex-style continuity offense. Passes trigger actions by following these rules: Rule: Any pass from high elbow to wing triggers a double screen away! Rule: Any pass from wing to high elbow triggers a weakside flare screen! Rule: Any high elbow to high elbow pass triggers the flex & flare action! ANYTIME you set a backscreen for a flex cutter, you immediately arc wide and flare screen for the high elbow See More

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Basketball Play - Zip Lob

Zip Lob

Randy Brown 01/08/2014

This is a great play in transition or as a set play. 1 passes ahead and screen for 5 and come high off 4's down screen. Ball reversed from 2 to 1 as 4 bac screens for 3 for lob. Last option is 3 using double screens from 2 and 5 for shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Vegas


Randy Brown 05/05/2013

This can be run as a play to end the half, game, or to get an open three anytime. 1 makes UCLA cut to the basket. He stops inside the block and cuts up the middle of the floor to catch and shoot a three. 3 and 5 set double screens and "close the door" and free him for a shot. Give it a try! See More

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