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Basketball Play - Need 3 SLOB

Need 3 SLOB

Kyle Gilreath 10/01/2013

Mike Woodson drew up this SLOB Need 3 action when he was the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks. While it is possible for 1 to be open on the first set of screens, do to help 3 is more than likely the option that will be open for a catch & shoot. See More

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Basketball Play - Short Clock ATO

Short Clock ATO

Kyle Gilreath 09/27/2013

With 3.9 seconds left in Game 1 of the 2013 NBA Playoffs, the San Antonio Spurs ran this play at the end of the 2nd overtime to defeat the Golden State Warriors. X1 was able to trail the screens and stay attached to Parker. Unfortunately X5 was unaware and doubled Parker. Forcing X2 to drop and protect the rim, leaving the skip to Ginobili wide open for a 3-pointer. See More

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Basketball Play - Seattle Slob Punch

Seattle Slob Punch

Daniel Murphy 09/26/2013

Late game play ran by Seattle in the 2000 playoffs vs. the Jazz. Gary Payton inbouded the ball and posted up. If you have a good post up guard this is a simple way to get the ball in the post for an iso, or you can change your personnel and post up any player directly from a side out situation. See More

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Basketball Play - France ATO Cross

France ATO Cross

Dana Beszczynski 09/23/2013

France ATO SLOB Play vs Lithuania in the European Championship Final This play was called by the French after a timeout Batum & Parker cross and at the same time Diot comes in behind to receive the pass from Diaw for the 3 pt shot as time expires ending the 1st half. France goes into the locker room with a 16 pt lead. The play developed for France after a Lithuania was not able to hold for the last shot and committed a turnover. See More

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Basketball Play - Oral Roberts Golden Eagels - Full Court Play

Oral Roberts Golden Eagels - Full Court Play

Michael Lynch 03/28/2021

ORU ran this full court set with 2.9 seconds left, ball on the baseline, down 2 points. Oral Roberts was trying to get the ball to their PG & best player (1). Good Special Situations set to file away for next season. Check out the latest Plays of the Week below for more Upset #XsOs. FastModel's biggest offer of the year for new subscribers! Use code at checkout: MARCHMADNESS See More

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Basketball Play - Villanova M-M Press Break

Villanova M-M Press Break

Kevin Bruinsma 05/02/2016

Villanova excelled all year long in special situations and this press breaker was no exception. A very simple action in design that could have been very easily stopped if the back screen was just switched. In terms of getting the ball in this play will almost always work against a M-M Full Court Defense, be clearing out the front court it’s easy to just enter the ball to the 2 guard. In this specific case Villanova hits the home run and gets an And 1, however all of the options were open. The 2 was open, 5 was open coming back to the ball and the 1 would have been open if he continued running forward after setting the screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Atlanta Hawks "UCLA Flare"

Atlanta Hawks "UCLA Flare"

Gibson Pyper 04/30/2015

Coach of the Year Mike Budenholzer is one of the best, if not the best, coach in after timeout and special situations to get players great shot opportunities. To start game 5 against the Brooklyn Nets he gets alot of movement before getting Kyle Korver an open look from 3. They run the normal "Zipper" cut into a double screen to get some action before the initial set. Their big pops to the wing, and Budenholzer has Korver set a UCLA screen before coming off a flare screen for an open look from 3. See More

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Basketball Play - Base 1, Base 2, Base 3

Base 1, Base 2, Base 3

Randall Edens 08/19/2013

This is my 3rd set of BLOB plays...this time a Baseline Series. We like to go with 1 specific set up unique to each season and to disguise a handful of sets in the same set up. So far I have shared a "Shapes" Series and a "Letter's" Series. Hopefully these with small adaptations to your personnel and use vs. Man or Zone can help win the "Special Situations" portion of each game for you. See More

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Basketball Play - 2-Up Press Breaker

2-Up Press Breaker

Matt Hackenberg 11/30/2021

This is honestly the only press breaker I've ever used as a coach. It's so versatile, working well against whatever style of pressure if presented. We don't have to have different concepts installed for man and zone presses, or softer presses and harder presses . The press breaker is built on proper spacing, allows for safe reversals, but also has options to attack up the court against any style of press defense. We absolutely roasted diamond presses using the sideline entry of this press breaker. I like having 2-up, as we had help to get the ball inbounded if needed but it wasn't as congested as bringing 4-up or 3-up agianst presses. The video below will absolutely break down everything in the diagram to be easily understood. Follow me on Twitter where I post often @CoachHackGo Visit mt Sellfy store for detailed basketball coaching content - See More

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