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Basketball Play - Olympic Shooting

Olympic Shooting

Rory Hamilton 06/21/2018

Olympic Shooting Drill Setup: 3 players with two basketballs starting in either corner. Goal of the drill is to make 7 shots at all 5 perimeter spots designated by the cones in 4 minutes. If players do not reach the goal, then they have extra conditioning! See More

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Basketball Play - KU Shooting

KU Shooting

Rory Hamilton 06/20/2018

KU Shooting Drill Set-up: 3 players at each goal with two basketballs. First player receives a pass and shoots a three point shot. The passer closes out and "lightly" contests the shot with a high hand. The passer then turns around and receives the next pass while the 3 closes out and lightly contests the shot. 1 gets rebound and is the next passer and the drill continues. After the last shot from the corner, the players then move to the wing area and repeat the drill. Drill repeats at all 5 cones on the perimeter until all players have shot from all five spots. Once players have shot 3pt shots at all five spots we then go back around and perform the following: A. Shot fake 1 Dribble Right Jump Shot B. Shot fake 1 Dribble Left Jump Shot C. Shot fake, Lay-up Right D. Shot fake, Lay-up Left See More

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Basketball Play - 41 Motion Shooting

41 Motion Shooting

Rory Hamilton 06/19/2018

1 sprints to set a down screen. We emphasize a great screening angle and communicating the screen. 8 rejects the screen and back cuts. 2 passes to 8 for a lay-up. 1 snaps back showing hands to passer as our 2nd cutter. Immediately after 2 passes to 8 (previous frame), 2 sprints to set a down screen for 7. On this side 7 uses the screen and makes a tight cut to the slot for the 3pt shot. 3 passes to 7. 7 shoots (we emphasize an inside-pivot). *This action would continue for 1-2 designated minutes, and then flip-flopped (reject the screen on the left and straight cut on the right). Now let's look at the next two pairs of cuts: 3 sprints to set a down screen for 1. 1 tight curls the screen. 4 passes to 1 attacking the basket. On this side 4 sprints to act like setting a down screen but the 2 sets a flare screen for the 4. The 2 then flashes to the basket in case the defense switches utilizing our 2nd cutter concept See More

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Basketball Play - Steph Curry Relocate Shooting Drill

Steph Curry Relocate Shooting Drill

Jordan Petersen 06/12/2018

Steph Curry is one of the best in the NBA at relocating after driving and dishing. He sprints out after the penetration to open space and this creates many open looks for himself. In this drill, players will work on spacing off of a drive as well as relocating to space after a drive. This can be done from multiple areas on the court (as shown), using 2-5 players, and using a Dr. Dish Shooting Machine. See More

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Basketball Play - Team Form Shooting

Team Form Shooting

Jr. Wizards 04/18/2018

As important as individual form shooting is to a player becoming a great knockdown shooter, it isn't always a realistic use of your practice time; especially when you have limited time or a smaller facility. This drill will allow you to work on the same concepts in a group setting. Jr. Wizards Coaches Manual See More

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Basketball Play - Dr. Dish 32 Shooting

Dr. Dish 32 Shooting

Jordan Petersen 11/03/2017

Competitive Dr. Dish shooting drill that works on floaters, pull ups, 3's and free throws. A floater is worth 1 point, a pull up is worth 2 points, a three pointer is worth 3 points and each free throw is worth 1 point. A player performs each shot from all of the five spots. If a player makes all of the shots, their score will be 32 points. See More

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Basketball Play - Lift Shooting

Lift Shooting

Dr Dish 03/21/2017

Dr. Dish Basketball is back at it again with another great Skill Builder workout! In this workout, we will focus on our corner lift shooting and also pair that with some 2-ball dribbling and also agility drills as well. This workout is great because you will really challenge yourself conditioning wise and also challenge yourself in several different skill categories. See More

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