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Ryan Weisert (@Spectavius) is an Arizona native living in exile in St. Louis. He joined ValleyoftheSuns during the height of the 2011 NBA lockout. He is the founder of the humorous blog

The 27-year old Tucson native played high school basketball for four years at St. Gregory College Prep. He graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2008.

During his time there, he was a student manager working for the men’s basketball team. He worked 1-on-1 with players, led drills in practice, and most importantly, dispensed water and towels with incredible speed and accuracy during games. He currently works as a medical researcher for Saint Louis University.

When he’s not writing about the Suns, Weisert spends his time counting the days until he and his wife can move back to the West Coast.

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