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Jason Pillow currently runs Texas Hoop Recruits, a collegiate scouting service for high school boys and girls in the state of Texas. Previously, Jason was a high school basketball coach with 15 years experience, 6 as a head coach. As a head coach Jason won multiple district championships and was named coach of the year twice and a "Who's Who of Americas Teachers" two times as well.  In addition, Jason runs the Prep Stars Elite skill development program and AAU organization.

Jason strongly believes in the coaching fraternity and that coaches nationwide and at all levels have a duty to share and accept knowledge with each other in an effort to encourage growth amongst coaches thus making the game of basketball the greatest game on earth. Jason believes that learning is an all the time thing and that everybody should try to learn something new every day. 

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Basketball Play - Texas X

Texas X

Jon Pillow 04/28/2013

The 1 will pick a side. The ball side guard will clear to the opposite wing. Ball side post will set a "Texas" screen. The backside guard MUST time his screen right when he screens for the screener. The 1 will come off his screen and drag the defense while looking for the 5 to come clear. If he is open he will throw the lob. If the lob is not open the 1 will reverse the ball to the 2 and cut ball side corner. The 4 will fill the high post looking for the pass from 2. On the pass to the 4 the 5 will look to flip or seal his man. If we cannot get the Hi Lo action then the 4 will reverse the ball to the 3 and set a stagger with the 2 for the 1. We are now into a Hi Lo base motion. See More

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