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Ryerson University Women's Basketball Contributor since 08/19/16

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I am Ryan Nguyen and I am a recent graduate from the University of Toronto. I am also the current video coordinator of the Ryerson University Women’s Basketball team under Head Coach Carly Clarke in which our team just placed 2nd in the CIS Finals this past season. Some of my duties and responsibilities as the VC includes assisting in the daily operations of the video department with editing and breaking down game and practice film for the coaching staff, using FastDraw software to diagram opponent plays, sets and actions, produce team and player highlight videos and participate in drills when necessary. 

In addition, I have been a part of the Canadian National Women’s Age Group team assisting Coach Steve Baur and Coach Mike MacKay with video. 

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Basketball Play - Los Angeles Clippers - ATO Decoy Hammer Comeback

Los Angeles Clippers - ATO Decoy Hammer Comeback

Ryan Nguyen 04/26/2017

With the LA Clippers trailing 88-83 with 1:14 in the 4th quarter, they ran this ATO/EOG SLOB "Decoy Hammer" action against the Utah Jazz in Game 5. 2 (JJ Redick) sets a flare screen for 3 (Austin Rivers). This is decoy action as the defense has to make a decision whether to switch or not. In this case, the Jazz decide not to switch and this slight indecisveness (they switched on the 1/3 fake ball-screen action which might have caused some confusion) gave Redick space to run into a shot off of the comeback screen for 5. See More

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Basketball Play - Utah Jazz - Horns Rub

Utah Jazz - Horns Rub

Ryan Nguyen 04/16/2017

The initial rub screen from 1 is decoy action to allow him a step ahead of his defender as he sprints into the DHO with 5. Because X1 has to help on the curl from 3 to the basket this allows 1 to get a step ahead of his defender. 4 screens in for 3 to occupy help on the roll. See More

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