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Sebastian Wild currently the Head Coach at EBC Rostock at the Pro-B level
in Germany. Before returning to his hometown of Rostock to take the helm in
Rostock, Germany in 2012, Wild served as the Head Women's Basketball Coach
at Lees-McRae College (NCAA DII) in Banner Elk, NC. He also was an
assistant on the Bobcat bench during the 2004-05 and 2005-06 seasons.

Wild has mentored a numerous all-conference performers during his tenure at
LMC as well as multiple professional players in the U.S. as well as all
over Europe.

Coach Wild has served in the coaching ranks for the past 17 years,
including the past 2 seasons in the professional ranks as a head coach in
his native Germany, where he is considered to be one of the top
developmental teachers of the game. Wild had won numerous state
championships on the youth level prior to his appointment as the head coach
of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern All-Star team in 2000. Wild led his home
state to its best record ever at the annual national tournament.

In 2012, Wild re-joined professional club EBC Rostock, where his coaching
strategies and experience showed immediate dividends as the squad finished
in 3rd place in his first year and 1st in 2013/14, which resulted in the
promotion of the program to German Pro-B level. Over the past two years the
team has become the top programs in the region, as Wild continued to
establish himself as one of the top coaches in the country. Coach Wild is
also very actively involved with the game in the off-season, running
multiple clinics every summer.You can follow Sebastian Wild on Twitter:

1997-2004 EBC Rostock (Germany) 2 State Championships (Age: Under 20) /
2001-2004 RL League / Germany
2004-2006 Lees-McRae College Asst. Coach (NCAA DII)
2006-2012 Lees-McRae College Head Basketball Coach (NCAA DII)
2012-2014 EBC Rostock SEAWOLVES (Regional League Championship/ Germany)
2014 - 2015 EBC Rostock SEAWOLVES Pro-B (Germany)

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Basketball Play - Shallow


Sebastian Wild 05/31/2015

SHALLOW is a great quickhitting play to helps you attack Zone looks with a simple, but hard to guard action, giving you either a wide open look from 3 or an easy, high percentage paint touch. It was our gp-to play vs. 2-3 Zones last season. See More

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Basketball Play - Hammer


Sebastian Wild 08/10/2014

This Hammer play has been on of the staples in our offense. It combines in Ballscreen-, Backscreen- and multiple Handoff (and back door) options, a number of actions that are very hard to defend. Especcially when they happen "in flow" and off of constant movement. It'll give all of your players touches and scoring opportunities, while playing on multiple sides of the floor. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper 2014

Zipper 2014

Sebastian Wild 07/13/2014

This is a great set, run in variations by numerous NBA Teams, if you are looking to exploid an overly agressive defense with multiple ball-screen/dribble hand-off actions within a short amount of time. It is set up by a "zipper" action and features scoring options for all 5 players on the court. This has been our go-to play last season, as it allows you to get multiple chances a high percentage shot off of movement, while being very simplistic and easy to install. See More

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Basketball Play - 51


Sebastian Wild 07/13/2014

This Baseline Out of Bounce Play was run ferquently by Davidson College a few years back, when Stephen Curry was the focal point of their offensive attack. It is a great option if you are looking for a quick "3" after a time out or need a open look in a late game situation. See More

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Basketball Play - Regular Low (on make)

Regular Low (on make)

Sebastian Wild 07/13/2014

This "Regular Low" Action is our way of flowing from our sideline-break into our half court offense after conceding a score. It's a great way to change sides of the floor early in the possession and establish a game in the paint, as we are looking inside after a lob action for our trailer or create a deep post up position for our big after a cross screen off of movement. If run with pace and crisp screening, this is a very difficult action to defend. See More

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Basketball Play - Devil (Zone Offense - Set)

Devil (Zone Offense - Set)

Sebastian Wild 07/13/2014

-PG passes to wing -4 steps out to ball side corner -Wing passes to 4 (forward) -Ball side wing screens top of the zone -1replaces wing -4 kicks back to PG -Opposite forward screens the back of the zone -PG looks for the opposite wing for the shot -If the PG does not skip the ball, 4 screens the outside of the zone for 2 to cut through to the ball-side corner -Opposite forward ducks in or flashes -Ball side forward posts/seals deep See More

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