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About This Play/Drill

Norfolk State finished their MEAC Conference season a pefect 16-0 before being knocked off in the Conference Tournament by Bethune Cookman.

Head Coach Anthony Evans has taken Norfolk State to new heights in this his 6th season as Head Coach.


Here is a one of their BLOB sets vs M2M using staggered screens to set-up their shooters for open looks.

  • Basketball Play - Spartans BLOB Double Stagger
  • Basketball Play - Spartans BLOB Double Stagger
  • Johnson (1 - PF) screens in for Fuentes (3 - PG) at the elbow


    Fuentes (3 - PG) pops out and receives the inbounds pass from Hawkins (25 - SF)


    Hawkins (25 - SF) receives a staggered screen from Goode (23 - C) & Johnson (1 - PF)


    Hawkins (25 - SF) comes off the stagger looking to catch & shoot off a pass from Fuentes (3 - PG)

  • Goode (23 - C) & Johnson (1 - PF) move to set a second set of staggered screens as Williams (11 - SG) runs off the screen to the ball side looknig to catch & shoot off the pass from Fuentes (3 - PG) when Hawkins (25 - SF) did not receive the pass