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Basketball Play - Pistol


Justin Scanson 12/24/2014

This is a great set to run out of transition or dribble drive. 1 can pass the ball up to the wing or dribble handoff to 2. 4 trails directly in to set an on ball. This is hard to guard for x2 who is managing a dribble handoff, traffic from 1 and x1 and then an on ball screen from 4. See More

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Basketball Play - Shadow


Justin Scanson 12/23/2014

Great pressbreaker to use against a relentless faceguarding press. The key is for the 4 to be able to make good, quick decisions. Touchdown pass over the defense to 2 cutting up the court will be available early. 5 can stay and set an open court screen for 2, but I think it works better to send 5 as soon as action starts. See More

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Basketball Play - Triangle #3

Triangle #3

Randy Brown 12/13/2014

This is another option from the inside triangle set. Starts in double stack and ball is entered to 2. 3 fills up top and catches and reverses to 1. 3 screens for 5, then screens quickly for 4. 4 cuts under screen to catch and score. See More

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