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Basketball Play - Late Game Situations

Late Game Situations

FastModel Sports 02/05/2015

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Basketball Play - YSU Cycle for 3

YSU Cycle for 3

Kevin Bruinsma 01/30/2015

Down 3 last night at Detroit we diagramed this play in a timeout to free up our best 3 point shooter while giving our PG the chance to drive it 1 on 1 with the entire side of the floor cleared for him. It forced Detroit to overhelp, and led to a wide open 3-pointer which we hit to send the game into overtime. The 5 sprinting up and acting like he was going to set a screen before he set the second screen of the stagger was a great touch as Detroit "Downs" ball screens. The stagger was successful and our 2 was able to drive it to force Detroit to help even more before kicking it out. The extra passes led to a wide open jumper. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper


Andrew Lacey 01/27/2015

We use a lot of ball screens in our basic offensive movement to create advantages for easy scoring opportunities. Here is a simple Box Set alignment that utilitizes downscreens and cross screens to get the defense moving before setting the ball screen at the top of the key. See More

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Basketball Play - Ballgame!


Justin Scanson 01/26/2015

This set was run by Wayne Tinkle nad the Oregon State Beavers 12/18/14 near the end of a huge first half vs. Depaul. What makes this play work is that #30 Schaftenaar had the hot hand and the play had the look of a post clearout. X1 and X4 have a miscommuncation, Gary Payton II has a lob dunk, and BALLGAME!!! See More

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Basketball Play - Green Bay Horns Big

Green Bay Horns Big

Kevin Bruinsma 01/24/2015

Green Bay needed a score in a huge Horizon League contest down 1 against Valpo. They used pre-season POY #24 Keifer Sykes as a decoy to free up their second best player in Greg Mays. Ball was entered to Mays who received a 5 man ball screen so he could drive it hard to his right hand. With him putting so much pressure on the defense with the drive, it allowed the 5 man great rebounding position if he would have missed the shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Tug


Justin Scanson 01/22/2015

We ran this play years ago when I was an assistant coach at Sentinel High School in Missoula Montana. This works great vs 2-3 zone. Key Point 1 - Swing the ball around the perimeter to shift the zone Key Point 2 - Timing is key, 3 should be coming off the back screen as 1 comes off ball screen. 1 dribble and throw it up See More

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Basketball Play - Horns post flare

Horns post flare

null null 01/16/2015

This is a set that gets a flare screen for a post player. A nice play to run in transition or at the end of the games if you need a quick score. The play starts with a dribble handoff and ballscreen. The play ends with a flare for your shooter. See More

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Basketball Play - Pistons SOG

Pistons SOG

Craig LeVasseur 01/13/2015

This is a Stan Van Gundy play that the Detroit Pistons have been running frequently to start the game during their run of victories. It is perfect against a team that shows against side pick and rolls, and they used it last night against the Raptors. Brandon Jennings came off the screen hard looking to score and was rewarded with a floater in the paint. See More

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Basketball Play - BUCKS - CORNER INBOUND


Jens Hakanowitz 01/05/2015

Inbounding the ball from the deep corner wasn't a handicap for Jason Kidds Bucks on January 4th 2015. They turned the inbounder spot into a useful advantage. With 9 seconds on the shot clock, Milwaukee was looking to get 3 point opportunity for Khris Middleton (40% career 3point shooter). See More

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Basketball Play - Elbow Running Screen

Elbow Running Screen

Kevin Noon 01/04/2015

This is a good play for teams with big guards who have an advantage in post up situations. The objective of this play is to clear out a side and allow the guard to post up while still having other valuable options if that is taken away. This is a great play that can be run after time outs, if you need a quick 2 or a 3 for a good shooter. Ideally this is a play with a perimeter oriented 4 man, big guards who can post up and good 3pt shooters. Bigs set up in down screen action with guards low. 1 initiates the offense by picking a side to take the basketball. Guards will come off opposite the side the basketball is taken. Ball side big will then turn and set a back screen on other bigs man. First guard will curl to the block and 2nd guard will curl to the top looking for a 3. 4 pops and 5 ducks in looking for a post up. It forces the defense to make quick decisions and be in the right help defensive positions. Bigs line up in down screen action. 1 picks a side to take the ball. Guards come off screen opposite the basketball. 1st look: 2 posting up on the empty block 2nd look: 3 coming off screen for 3pt shot 3rd look: 1 hits 3 , 3 hits 4, 4 gets a shot 4th look: 1 hits 3, 3 hits 4, 4 hits 5 in the post. 4 is popping as soon as 3 curls to the top 5 is ducking in for a post up See More

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