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Basketball Play - UCLA to Stagger

UCLA to Stagger

Andrew Lacey 04/10/2015

Here is an little adjustment to the UCLA to Ball Screen action that I posted earlier. Here we use the UCLA (rub cut) and allow the Post to reverse the ball to change the sides of the floor. You can get a nice ISO inside early on the reversal or you can wait for the jumper as the second option. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA to Ball Screen

UCLA to Ball Screen

Andrew Lacey 04/07/2015

Here is a nice little ATO set that can be used in late game situations or when you need a basket. Starting in a 1-4 High alignment can allow for the defense to be vulerable to the back door cut. Nonetheless the ball screen actions will draw a lot of attention and allow for the three on the wing or the reversal and throw inside. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke ATO Chin Curl

Duke ATO Chin Curl

Gibson Pyper 04/07/2015

Duke ran a very nice curl set out of a timeout to get Tyus Jones an easy layup. A counter out of their normal set, instead of running backscreen into a ballscreen, they bring the guard around a curl and lift the big to the 3 point line opening up the lane. See More

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