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Basketball Play - UT-Martin 4 Low

UT-Martin 4 Low

Andrew Greer 03/26/2015

Tennessee-Martin 4 Low. UTM coach Heath Schroyer drew this BLOB set up for the game winner against Eastern Kentucky to send the Skyhawks to the Final Four of the CIT. The Skyhawks had the ball with 6.3 seconds left down 2. Marshun Newell (2) sets to inbound the basketball. The set begins with the first option which is a triple stagger for a guard coming from the opposite corner to the ball side corner. After he was covered he cleared toward half court. Chandler Rowe (5) is the final screener. He opens up to catch the entry pass just inside the 3 pt. line. After the catch Newell sprints in to take the DHO and hits the game winning 3 from the corner. See More

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Basketball Play - Wichita State: 1-4 Punch Rip

Wichita State: 1-4 Punch Rip

James Ponchak 03/22/2015

Wichita State ran this play against Indiana for their first basket in the NCAA tournament. Ron Baker ripped the ball middle and drove left for the finish, but he also had Darius Carter posting up on the block as an option. If you are looking for a postup, having VanVleet screen for Carter would create a mismatch if they switch the screen. VanVleet could then cut off a screen from Cotton to the wing to still create a lane for Baker to rip and drive left. 23 - Fred VanVleet 31 - Ron Baker 3 - Evan Wessel 12 - Darius Carter 32 - Tekele Cotton See More

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Basketball Play - Iowa Screen the Screener

Iowa Screen the Screener

Andrew Greer 03/21/2015

This Iowa Hawkeyes set is a twist on a set that most coaches either have in their playbook or have seen on the court before. The Hawkeyes used a back screen cross screen combo to get a wide open dunk on the opposite block. In their screen the screener action the initial screener is a shooter who will receive the second screen to get to the corner. See More

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Basketball Play - Iowa 4 Across

Iowa 4 Across

Andrew Greer 03/21/2015

Iowa ran this BLOB set for a wide open 3 in their Round 2 rout of Davidson. This simple but effective set clears out the ball side of the floor allowing the stagger screen to do its job without being impeded by help side defenders. Seems too simple to work but the Hawkeyes got a wide open 3 and knocked it down to extended their lead on Davidson. See More

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Basketball Play - SFA Stack High

SFA Stack High

Andrew Greer 03/20/2015

Stephen F. Austin ran this BLOB set against Utah late in the 2nd half of their Round 2 matchup. The Lumberjacks were within striking distance of the Utes and needed quality scoring opportunities. This play worked to perfection but the open 3 didn't fall. This multiple action set utilizes misdirection for the shooter followed by a stagger. SFA had no trouble completing the handoff or getting the open 3 they were looking for. See More

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Basketball Play - VCU Double Stack

VCU Double Stack

Andrew Greer 03/19/2015

VCU ran this BLOB set late in the 2nd half against Ohio State who was playing man defense. VCU got a wide open layup from their 5 that was missed. In the set 2/3 use a double screen from 4/5. The first man through (2) goes to the corners immediately followed by the second cut (3) who goes to the wing. As the final cut is made the 5 dives to the rim. This set is also seen in Billy Donovan's playbook. Shaka Smart was an assistant for Donovan before his time at VCU. See More

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Basketball Play - Line Back

Line Back

Kyle Gilreath 03/11/2015

Last night with 2.7 seconds on the shot clock, the Dallas Mavericks ran this baseline out-of-bounds play vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. While the resulting shot wasn’t great, I really love this action. The secondary screening action on the back side open up two several scoring options while pulling the defense away from the rim with the main action. 3 has a look has a look if the defense gets caught and 4 and slip back to the ball after screening for a lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - Dartmouth: Diamond

Dartmouth: Diamond

James Ponchak 03/09/2015

Here is the baseline out of bounds play that Dartmouth ran with 1.9 seconds left to beat Yale 59 to 58 on Saturday March 7, 2015. Dartmouth was down 1 at the time and scored on the lob to 5 who caught the ball and made the layup for an and 1 to win the game. A three for 1 on the wing is also a good option off of this action if you need a three. See More

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Basketball Play - Chris Mooney Richmond Spiders Inbounds Slip Play

Chris Mooney Richmond Spiders Inbounds Slip Play

Scott Peterman 03/04/2015

Chris Mooney and his Richmond Spiders have been very successful on their inbounds plays this year. They beat #22 VCU Rams last wednesday. They used this inbounds play to force a second overtime. Coach Mooney thought that it was important for his inbounds an waited a split second for T.J. (receiver) to get free on the other side of the basket and didn't throw it to him as soon as he slipped free. Coach Shaka Smart remarked that he would love to have that play back again. If you would like to see more late game situations and inbounds plays then check out my website: Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop See More

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Basketball Play - Flat Double

Flat Double

Kyle Gilreath 02/19/2015

Billy Donovan's Florida Gators ran this baseline out of bounds play vs Vanderbilt to give them the go-ahead bucket with 2 seconds remaining to eventually clinch the game. The ballscreen action after the ball is inbounded is great and occupies the eyes of the weak side defense, which allowed for the backdoor dunk. See More

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Basketball Play - BULLS ELEVATOR


Jens Hakanowitz 02/18/2015

The Chicago Bulls used this BLOB during the 2014/2015 NBA season. A simple back screen gives the screener an option to use an elevator effectively afterwards. If X1 bumps on the basket cut, than 1 will have a clear path through the elevator. If X1 and X2 decide to switch the back screen, than 1 fakes setting the screen and slips through the elevator earlier. See More

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Basketball Play - Mr. G

Mr. G

Lucas Shapiro 02/11/2015

This baseline out-of-bounds play is not just a way to get the ball in. It gives two solids options to get a good look in the paint. It can be run against man or zone. It has a higher potential to be run against zone because of the cutting action but it is essential that if it is run against zone that the screener hits his man. This play is one I took from my father who has coaches youth basketball for over a decade and it has been his most succesful baseline out-of-bounds play. Also since it ends up in four players on the baseline, Flex can be run from it after the ball is inbounded. See More

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