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Basketball Play - Triangle


Bert DeSalvo 03/23/2014

Larry Johnson, Head Women's Basketball Coach, used this set in the 2010-11 season to free up a quick guard cutting off the backscreen. If the cutter gets help from screeners man, then the backscreener has a 3pt FGA. See More

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Basketball Play - Loop Flare

Loop Flare

Kyle Gilreath 03/21/2014

In need of 2 points towards the end of the 2nd half, Arizona State’s Herb Sendek drew up this BLOB play for his Sun Devils. Watching the play develop I was sure they would get the ball to 3 curling into the lane, but they decided to wait and use the flare for 2. The shot was off target but ASU secured the offensive rebound to tie the game with two free-throws. See More

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Basketball Play - Up Hand-Off

Up Hand-Off

Kyle Gilreath 03/13/2014

If you are in need of a three point play with the ball out of bounds, this is a great action to run for your shooter. 2 must do a great job selling the play by setting up his man before sprinting off the baseline screens. If the defense scrambles and overhelps on 2, look opposite as 1 may get open at the end. See More

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Basketball Play - Up Weakside

Up Weakside

Kyle Gilreath 03/13/2014

This play has multiple scoring options from beginning to end. As 2 comes off the hand-off he can look to score or feed 5 ducking in hard in the middle of the lane. The other two options are 1 coming off the pin-down and 3 slipping to the rim after screening for 1. 4 is also a possible throwback option for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Flat Flex

Flat Flex

Kyle Gilreath 03/01/2014

Kevin Stallings' Commodores ran this BLOB action during their Super Tuesday match-up with the Florida Gators this week. Vanderbilt's 4-man did and excellent job finding X3 and setting a great screen to free up 3 for an open lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - Strong


Andrew Lacey 02/11/2014

Here is an out of bounds play we use late in the game, when a team is playing us M-2-M under. It allows us to create mismatches on teams that will swtich the screening action or we will hit the flex cut for a score. See More

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