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Basketball Play - Box-Name


Daniel Murphy 05/10/2013

Isolate your best shooter or driver with this screen the screener action. This is an interesting play because a lot of times the stagger comes on the weak side. This time the stagger is on the strong side, leaving a side of the floor isolated for a drive. This play can be run either to the right or the left. Make sure to practice the footwork of how you want your player to turn after the catch. See More

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Basketball Play - Shocker


John Leonzo 05/03/2013

Here is a set that was run by Wichita State this past season from a box set. In this set, you have a good look to get your point guard a three point shot and if that doesn't get you a good look at the basket, it ends with an Americas play action that will hopefully get you a good look at the basket as well. Another great feature of this set is that it finishes in a 3 out 2 in formation so there is still great spacing on the floor. See More

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Basketball Play - Flex Option

Flex Option

John Leonzo 04/30/2013

Here is a quick hitter that is run out of a box set and involves a little misdirection. In this play, 2 is your best shooter and you are looking for multiple opportunities for him to get the ball in a scoring position whether it be off of the flex cut, or off of the pin down from 4. If this play is executed properly, it could be a great asset to add to your offensive arsenal. See More

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Basketball Play - Bruin


John Leonzo 04/27/2013

Here is a set play that is a staple of Rick Byrd's at Belmont. This is a great set when you need a three because of the double down screen that is set for 2. Also because of the double screen that 4 and 5 are setting, 3 will have a good chance at driving baseline and not having to worry about help side defense. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA-Flex


Daniel Murphy 04/17/2013

The Los Angeles Clippers ran this in the second half vs. the Los Angeles Lakers in the Clippers 109-95 win on 4/7/12. It provides a post up for a 4 man coming off a flex screen from a 1, and a mid range jump shot for the 1, coming off a down screen from a 2. It is a counter to a stagger screen which the Clippers also used. See More

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