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Basketball Play - 4v4 Trap & Recover

4v4 Trap & Recover

Randy Sherman 10/16/2018

4v4 Trap & Recover Drill for selective trapping. Aggressively trapping, or "going green" on baseline drives and post ups. Also detailed in Frame 3, the "Near Man Rule" for rotating out of the trap and returning the defense to neutral. More from Radius Athletics: Pressure Man Tips - Selective Trapping 2-3 Zone Tips - Forward Play See More

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Basketball Play - 1v1 Closeout Drill

1v1 Closeout Drill

Dymetrius Ware 10/14/2018

This a very good closeout and conditioning drill. The defender is working on 3 phases: Getting into help Stunting the ball Moving on the pass and closing out correctly on the offensive player The ball becomes live and the offensive player can either shoot or drive. Click to view latest FMS Plays of the Week See More

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Basketball Play - Box & Break

Box & Break

Randy Sherman 09/24/2018

"Box & Break" is a defensive rebounding drill at heart, but can also serves as a sudden change drill off turnovers and a conversion drill. The drill can be regressed to 3v1 or 3v0 or loaded to 3v3 on the break. Click here to check out all blog posts by Radius Athletics for FMS! See More

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