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Basketball Play - Situational 3v3

Situational 3v3

Michael Shaughnessy 07/08/2018

Here are some of the situational 3v3 games I use with players to put them in different spots on the floor and in different actions. These situations are designed to develop players' decision making with and without the basketball on offense, and develop a player's understanding of defensive rotations and guarding common actions at the high school/college level. Click for more #PlayerDevelopmentWeek content! See More

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Basketball Play - Purdue Drill

Purdue Drill

Matt Monroe 07/04/2018

Players go 1 on 1 The defender must contain the ball handler for the length of half court If the ball handler beats the defender, he should pull back his dribble. The defender then would go back to guarding him. When the two players get to the end of half court, the defensive player goes to the end of the line. The offensive player switches to defense. Next in line becomes offense, and they go back the other way. See More

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Basketball Play - UNI Closeouts

UNI Closeouts

Joel Hueser 06/17/2018

Players will perform 3 consecutive closeouts in this drill, returning underneath the basket between each rep. Check out the video below for live demonstration of this drill. Click here for more plays and drills from Coach Hueser! On the FMS Blog: 4 Tips to Get Your Team to Buy in to Playing Defense 8 Drills to Guard the Basketball Better See More

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