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Basketball Play - Arizona Set Play vs M2M

Arizona Set Play vs M2M

Dana Beszczynski 02/28/2014

This Arizona Wildcats Set Play vs M2M uses two sets of staggered screens to get either the 1 or the 2 man a good look at an open jumper, gives the 5 man a chance to operate inside, and incorporates good movement & replace action on the inside pass, forcing the defense into decisions on how to guard. Sean Miller's Wildcats team is exciting to watch and will certainly be one of the top seeds come NCAA Tournament time. See More

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Basketball Play - 35 Quick

35 Quick

Kyle Gilreath 02/26/2014

Anthony Grant ran this hand-off pick & roll play while he was the head coach at VCU. As 3 comes off the pick he has multiple options of attack: Get to the rim or pull-up jumper Hit 5 rolling to the rim If X1 sags in the lane to take away 5, throwback to 1 Drive and kick to 4 (or 2). See More

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Basketball Play - Stagger Leak

Stagger Leak

John Leonzo 02/22/2014

Here is a set that Evansville ran early in their game vs. Whichita State to get their offense started. More often than not, x4 will help hard on the 2's curl and 5 will have great angle to flare 4 for a jump shot. Another possibility is looking for 5 slipping the flare screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Rip Leak

Rip Leak

John Leonzo 02/19/2014

Here is a set that the sixers run often to get their possesions started with a few good looks at the basket. The key to this play is the 2 settin a sound back screen on the 4 man. This will force his man to help on the cut and enable the 5 to have a good angle to screen 2's man. A great simple option to get the ball to your best player. See More

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Basketball Play - Secondary Staggers

Secondary Staggers

Dana Beszczynski 02/10/2014

Santa Clara plays in the WCC and Head Coach Kerry Keating has done a good job of revitalizing Broncos basketball. They achieved 24+ wins for the second time in 3 years in 2012-13. In their WCC match-up with BYU on Thursday night, they ran this Secondary Action which incorporates the use of a double staggered screen & the shuffle screen. There is a lot of player and ball movement in this set forcing the defense to react quickly. Taking advantage of the long hedge at the end of this play, the Bronocs were able to jump out to an early lead on the 3 pt play. See More

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Basketball Play - UNC Dribble

UNC Dribble

Daniel Murphy 02/08/2014

An option out of the Carolina break. If the ball can't be reversed to the trailer the pg can use the trailer as a screener and set up a 2 man game on one side of the floor with a stagger on the weak side of the floor. When running secondary breaks it helps to be able to run offense from both sides of the floor. See More

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Basketball Play - Pittsburg Secondary Offense

Pittsburg Secondary Offense

Dana Beszczynski 01/26/2014

Head Coach Jamie Dixon of Pittsburg has built a consistent winner. This season they're 17-2 and 12-0 at home where the Panthers during Dixon's tenure have been nearly unbeatable. This Secondary Action is just one example of the great tactician Dixon is as it incorporates a lot of movement, use of screens and relies on the players to read the defense in order to take good shots. The Panthers have moved into the ACC this season and so far, have maintained the level of success they've become use to. See More

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Basketball Play - Kentucky Wildcats Transition

Kentucky Wildcats Transition

Dana Beszczynski 01/24/2014

John Calipari has proven too be a master at running sets for his players to get the best shots in the best positions on the floor. This easy to run Transition Set utilizes the elbow screen to free up the trailing post for an open ball side cut and possible quick pass. When the quick pass isn't there, on ball reversal, the Wildcats revert back to their DDM Offense with the 3 Side Middle Penetration looking to Rack It! See More

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Basketball Play - Zip Lob

Zip Lob

Randy Brown 01/08/2014

This is a great play in transition or as a set play. 1 passes ahead and screen for 5 and come high off 4's down screen. Ball reversed from 2 to 1 as 4 bac screens for 3 for lob. Last option is 3 using double screens from 2 and 5 for shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Punch


Alan Peel 12/06/2013

This is a pick-and-pop play that is designed to get the ball into the low post to an outstanding low post player. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free. See More

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