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Basketball Play - Stack


Kyle Gilreath 05/02/2013

This is a baseline out of bounds play that I ran this season with my high school team. Initially when I drew up this action I invisioned utilizing the ending of the play to get 5 a lay-up. But the option that was usually open was 3 cutting to the wing for a shot. 5 was rarely open for 2 reasons; one was a lack of patience and two being that they would forget to run this option. Nevertheless, this is a simple play that I believe can be utilized at every level of the game. See More

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Basketball Play - Texas X

Texas X

Jon Pillow 04/28/2013

The 1 will pick a side. The ball side guard will clear to the opposite wing. Ball side post will set a "Texas" screen. The backside guard MUST time his screen right when he screens for the screener. The 1 will come off his screen and drag the defense while looking for the 5 to come clear. If he is open he will throw the lob. If the lob is not open the 1 will reverse the ball to the 2 and cut ball side corner. The 4 will fill the high post looking for the pass from 2. On the pass to the 4 the 5 will look to flip or seal his man. If we cannot get the Hi Lo action then the 4 will reverse the ball to the 3 and set a stagger with the 2 for the 1. We are now into a Hi Lo base motion. See More

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Basketball Play - Albany-sts


Kyle Brown 04/25/2013

A great set that Albany ran in the conference tournament. This set has a lot of different ways to score as you progress through the set. If you wanted your 1 man to be the man to make the decision on the last pick & roll then you can just have him hit the 3 and then clear out to the weak side corner. See More

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Basketball Play - Hook Out

Hook Out

Kyle Gilreath 04/25/2013

The San Antonio Spurs ran this middle pick & roll play Wednesday night versus the LA Lakers in their Game 2 victory of the NBA Playoffs. The Lakers' effort to prevent a lay-up by Parker resulted in a kick out catch & shoot 3-pointer from Matt Bonner. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA-Flex


Daniel Murphy 04/17/2013

The Los Angeles Clippers ran this in the second half vs. the Los Angeles Lakers in the Clippers 109-95 win on 4/7/12. It provides a post up for a 4 man coming off a flex screen from a 1, and a mid range jump shot for the 1, coming off a down screen from a 2. It is a counter to a stagger screen which the Clippers also used. See More

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