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Basketball Play - The Swing Offense

The Swing Offense

Coach Nick 12/05/2015

"The Swing is a four-out patterned offense with continuity. All five players are interchangeable, and spacing, screening, cutting and accurate passing are vital. All five players have opportunities to post up inside, and the Badgers often invert their offense and post guards. The offense is deliberate (Wisconsin ranks 333rd out of 351 in the nation in adjusted tempo), often with multiple passes and places value on each possession with high percentage inside shots, or free-throws. Unlike some of the recent, newer offenses that feature dribble penetration as their engine of point generation, the Swing offense is truly a “team-offense” that places a premium on good passing, screening and cutting." - Randy Sherman - See More

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Basketball Play - Colorado Mesa Swing Action

Colorado Mesa Swing Action

Wes Kosel 04/26/2015

The ball is swung from the left side of the floor to the right. Once 2 has the ball on the right wing, 3 sets a flare-screen for 1. 2 passes to 4 who looks for 1 on the flare. If that option isn't open, 4 passing to 3 popping up from the screen. 3 then passes to 1 and moves towards the right elbow with 4 to set a staggered screen for 2. 2 cuts around the screen looking for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Texas ATO Swing

Texas ATO Swing

Wes Kosel 03/19/2015

Texas used this play after a time-out in the first half. I'm always a fan of having multiple scoring options in a play, and Rick Barnes does a great job giving his team several looks at good shots in this one. The play starts with a ball reversal (1 swinging the ball to to 4 to 3). The play gets open looks off of a down screen, back-screen, and ball-screen. Texas should come back to this play and look for the lob on the back-screen with their long wings. See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan Swing Cut

Michigan Swing Cut

Kevin Bruinsma 01/26/2015

While going thru the game I was really impressed by Michigan’s first offensive play call out of half time, it involved great spacing, driving lanes, and the ball switching sides of the floor. The action forced Detroit to put multiple guys in rotations to protect the rim, guard a handoff, defend the drive, and recover to shooters. See More

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Basketball Play - Swing-Swing


Randy Brown 04/24/2014

2 swings through to start the action. 1 and 3 cut as ball is reversed to 3 up top. On pass, 2 swings through the lane to the right wing for shot. 4 posts after screening for post feed opportunity. Other option is 1 coming off down screen from 5. See More

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Basketball Play - Double Swing

Double Swing

Kyle Gilreath 12/13/2013

While playing around on the FastDraw iPad app this morning I actually ended up drawing a post-up play that I really like. This play is most effective with proper timing. 5 should be coming off the backscreen from 4 and 1 as 3 is receiving the pass. If X1 or X4 double down to help on the catch, look to quickly kick the ball out for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Double Swing

Double Swing

Randy Brown 08/12/2013

Double swing uses the same action twice in the same set play. After ball is entered to 3, 1 cuts to block and uses 4's down screen to return to original spot. 2 and 3 again swing the wings, with 2 receiving three staggered screens to get open on the right side. After screening for 2, 3 empties out on the left wing. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - 2 Swing

2 Swing

Kyle Gilreath 07/10/2013

Tuesday morning during their NBA Orlando Summer League game the Boston Celtics ran this post up action for Kelly Olynyk. What I love about this plays is usueally teams post up the player where the 3 is after 2 tries to rub into X3. But since X5 has to sit outside the lane or touch 5 this is a great set to run in the NBA because the floor is spaced for a nice post up on the block. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs Swing Ball Screen

Spurs Swing Ball Screen

Kevin Bruinsma 07/02/2013

I really loved this action used by the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat. They look for the quick curl for the 2 man, get a shuffle screen, then a stagger, then a ball screen. This play is packed with multiple actions for the defense to guard and puts a lot of pressure on the man defending the 5 man. See More

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