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Basketball Play - UCLA to Ball Screen

UCLA to Ball Screen

Andrew Lacey 04/07/2015

Here is a nice little ATO set that can be used in late game situations or when you need a basket. Starting in a 1-4 High alignment can allow for the defense to be vulerable to the back door cut. Nonetheless the ball screen actions will draw a lot of attention and allow for the three on the wing or the reversal and throw inside. See More

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Basketball Play - Wichita State Stack to Stagger

Wichita State Stack to Stagger

Wes Kosel 04/08/2015

This play starts with a pass to the left wing and a UCLA cut from the point guard to the ball-side block. If your point guard can post up, this is an easy look inside. If not, the ball can be reversed creating a situation for a cross-screen/stagger-screen action sending 3 to the basket and 1 to the top of the key for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Chin - Ball Screen

Chin - Ball Screen

Kevin Bruinsma 04/10/2015

Tied 11-11 early in the 2015 National Championship game, UConn ran this set to get Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis (The ALL TIME NCAA Women's Basketball Record Holder for 3FGM) an open look from 3 which she knocked down and UConn never trailed again on their way to a 10th NCAA National Championship. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA to Stagger

UCLA to Stagger

Andrew Lacey 04/10/2015

Here is an little adjustment to the UCLA to Ball Screen action that I posted earlier. Here we use the UCLA (rub cut) and allow the Post to reverse the ball to change the sides of the floor. You can get a nice ISO inside early on the reversal or you can wait for the jumper as the second option. See More

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Basketball Play - Atlanta Hawks "UCLA Flare"

Atlanta Hawks "UCLA Flare"

Gibson Pyper 04/30/2015

Coach of the Year Mike Budenholzer is one of the best, if not the best, coach in after timeout and special situations to get players great shot opportunities. To start game 5 against the Brooklyn Nets he gets alot of movement before getting Kyle Korver an open look from 3. They run the normal "Zipper" cut into a double screen to get some action before the initial set. Their big pops to the wing, and Budenholzer has Korver set a UCLA screen before coming off a flare screen for an open look from 3. See More

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Basketball Play - Washington Wizards "UCLA Dribble"

Washington Wizards "UCLA Dribble"

Gibson Pyper 05/14/2015

With John Wall going down with an injury, the Wizards turned to Bradley Beal to be a facilitator and scorer in his absence. Wittman setup a nice set to create movement and to get Beal coming off a dribble handoff and get an open look. First Beal passes to the wing and then cuts off a UCLA screen from the big at the elbow, and then sits down in the post. The guard on the wing passes to the elbow and sets a down screen for Beal who then receives a dribble handoff from the big and looks to attack. See More

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