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Basketball Play - Wizards 1-4 High Double Cross

Wizards 1-4 High Double Cross

Wes Kosel 08/09/2015

Wall dribbles toward Beal as Beal loops back and replaces Wall at the top. Pierce moves down to the block. If Wall has his man beat, he can attack the basket baseline. Beal cuts off of Nene looking for the pass from Wall. If Beal isn't open, he stops at the block and waits for Wall to come off the screen from Nene. Once Wall clears Nene, Beal cuts to the opposite wing off of a double screen from Pierce and Gortat. Wall looks to score, pass to Nene on the roll, or pass to Beal on the wing for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Pitch


Cody Toppert 09/18/2015

If the 1 kicks the ball up the sideline to the 2 we refer to this as pitch, simply because the 1 has pitched the ball ahead. Depending on when the advance pass takes place and your general preference on principles. The 5 can set a UCLA screen for the 1 who cuts through, the 1 can rub screen the 5 who sprints to the SPNR, the 1 can screen away or the 1 can simply cut through to space out, regardless of what you want 1-5 SPNR ensues and subsequently your second side philosophies kick in on a ball reversal. See More

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Basketball Play - Stanford Cardinal Playbook

Stanford Cardinal Playbook

Randy Sherman 12/02/2014

To send the Playbook to your FastDraw, click the "Send to FastDraw" button above. After you enter the email address you use in FastDraw, click FastTrade, at the top of FastDraw, and open your FastTrade Manager. Find the new message, put a checkmark next to it, and click "Add to Library." The PDF of the playbook is available by clicking here See More

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Basketball Play - The Swing Offense

The Swing Offense

Coach Nick 12/05/2015

"The Swing is a four-out patterned offense with continuity. All five players are interchangeable, and spacing, screening, cutting and accurate passing are vital. All five players have opportunities to post up inside, and the Badgers often invert their offense and post guards. The offense is deliberate (Wisconsin ranks 333rd out of 351 in the nation in adjusted tempo), often with multiple passes and places value on each possession with high percentage inside shots, or free-throws. Unlike some of the recent, newer offenses that feature dribble penetration as their engine of point generation, the Swing offense is truly a “team-offense” that places a premium on good passing, screening and cutting." - Randy Sherman - See More

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Basketball Play - Single Screen Action

Single Screen Action

Dana Beszczynski 12/08/2015

Steve Alford enters his third season as UCLA's head coach in 2015-16. In two seasons at UCLA, Alford has guided the Bruins to a 50-23 record and back-to-back NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 appearances. He begins his 25th year as a college head coach in 2015-16. The Bruins have Coach Alford's son Bryce has shot 38.9 percent from three-point range, making 140 of 360 three-pointers in his career at UCLA. This single screen action is designed to get Alford a look either off a flare, curl, or pop action. See More

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