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Basketball Play - 3 ON 3 SERIES


Marc Skelton 05/10/2016

A great drill that simultaneously improves your team and individual players offensively and defensively is a series of 3 on 3 drills. Offensively, we work on dribble hand-offs, cuts, shooting, passing, catching, screens, and timing. Defensively, we work on communication and the different ways to defend screens. I also like this drill because it helps to reduce turnovers. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 ON 3 SERIES PART TWO


Marc Skelton 07/16/2016

The premise of this drill is to mimic quick action in early offense. This will improve your screening, how your guys/girls catch and shoot and read the defense. On the flip side your defense will be able to not let cutters cut without being bumped and improve communication. We play a game to seven. There are three options to this drill outlined below. Drill #1 is a UCLA cut. Drill #2 works on the Ghost Screen and drill #3 has a backdoor option. See More

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Basketball Play - Lithuania - DHO UCLA Shuffle

Lithuania - DHO UCLA Shuffle

Matt Wheeler 08/08/2016

Lithuania ran this unique shuffle cut variation in their opening round game against Brazil. Typically shuffle cut actions put the player receiving the staggered screen in the weakside corner . This way they can easily come off of the staggered screen after the shuffle screen takes place. In this play, 3 uses the UCLA cut to look for a layup on the strong side. If 3 isn't open he moves to weakside block to open up a cutting area for 1, who is using the shuffle screen from 4. 4 & 5 then immediately set a staggered screen for 3. If 3 doesn't have a shot, Lithuania has added a ball screen option where the point guard sets a back screen for the 5 to free him up for a layup. See More

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Basketball Play - Minnesota Lynx - ATO "UCLA Wiper"

Minnesota Lynx - ATO "UCLA Wiper"

Ryan Nguyen 10/21/2016

With 35.8 seconds left in the 4th Quarter in Game 5 of the 2016 WNBA Finals, the Minnesota Lynx ran this ATO action. As 5 sets the flare screen for 2 this forces X5 to drop back in a help/support position to prevent the basket cut. As this is happening, 5 turns and sets a second screen for 3. Since X5 is in a help position this eliminiates any help from X5 stepping out to show on the screen and leads to an open 3-point shot for Maya Moore (3). See More

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Basketball Play - Minnesota Lynx - EOG SLOB UCLA Mid-post Kickout 3

Minnesota Lynx - EOG SLOB UCLA Mid-post Kickout 3

Matt Wheeler 10/21/2016

The Minnesota Lynx ran this play with the score tied 73-73 and 35.8 seconds left in game 5 of the WNBA Finals. Once the ball was inbounded, 1 made a UCLA cut into the mid-post area to receive the pass from 2. 3 (Maya Moore) set a back screen for the 4 and then ran off the screen from 5 to get the 3 point shot. Though 3 missed the shot, 4 was in offensive rebounding position and was able to collect the rebound and get to the free throw line. See More

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Basketball Play - Wisconsin Double Stagger Post

Wisconsin Double Stagger Post

Dana Beszczynski 12/04/2016

The Wisconsin Badgers under Head Coach Greg Gard have added some new wrinkles to their Offense. This is a double stagger action designed to get a look for Koenig a good 3 pt shooter and when this look isn't there, the offense continues with a second double stagger bringing their Post man Happ to the ball side for the Post-up option out of the set. Once the ball is in the Post, the Badgers get good movement and Happ being a good passer takes advantage of the Defense with the weak side diagonal pass. Unselfish is always the "motto" for Wisconsin as exhibited with the extra pass to the corner setting up the penetration and second kick-out pass to Hayes for a wide open shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - UCLA PNR Advance Pass

Boston Celtics - UCLA PNR Advance Pass

Matt Wheeler 12/15/2016

The Boston Celtics started the second half of their game against the Houston Rockets with this play designed to expose x3 in the ball screen coverage. The ball screen for 1 after the UCLA cut forced x3 to help on the ball handler. The quick advance pass from 1 to 5 gave 3 time to slip to the basket and receive the pass from 5 for an uncontested layup. See More

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Basketball Play - Lady Bruins Back Cut Post Option

Lady Bruins Back Cut Post Option

Dana Beszczynski 01/10/2017

This play was run by Cori Close and her UCLA Lady Bruins on Sunday night in their showdown with the Washington Lady Huskies. The Pac12 features one of the best levels of Women's Basketball and has the premier player in Kelsey Plum from Washington. This play starts with a DHO on the wing (if the PG reads the defense, she can keep the ball and attack the paint to the open side). A wide pin down on the weak side brings the 2 guard to the 3 pt line for a possible early catch & shoot 3 pointer if she's open. The Lady Bruins are a very disciplined team going through their options in this set. The Post at the FT line sets a back screen for a possible back door pass while on the weak side a down screen for the PG yields either a 3 point shot or dump in to the Post. After screening, the screener pops to the wing, receives the throwback pass and the option to post your 3 presents itself. If you're not watching Women's basketball on the West Coast, you should be!! See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia Set Play

Virginia Set Play

Dana Beszczynski 03/05/2017

Tony Bennett is always seen as a "master" Coach for the Cavaliers defensive abilities, but his Offensive diversity outside of their normal motion sets are really good. Here's a play the Cavaliers ran against the Tar Heels. A set with so much movement and options, this is a set that will give your opponents fits. See More

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