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Basketball Play - Back Screen with Side Ball Screen & Double Screen

Back Screen with Side Ball Screen & Double Screen

Basketball HQ 02/08/2013

This play is from the 2010-2011 Houston Rockets season. For this play your point guard has to be able to shoot off of a double screen or you can run your best shooter at the point for this play like the Rockets did with Kevin Martin. Your player has to read the defense on the back screen he can use a UCLA cut or a back cut depending on how the defense is playing him. Who ever you have coming off of the ball screen has to be able to handle the ball and make the decision to see the 4 man popping and the 1 man coming off of the double screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion


Dana Beszczynski 12/04/2013

The Nevada Wolfpack ran this Motion set in their game against the UCLA Bruins This is a well designed play with a lot of movement, post-up option, and the use of the Shuffle Cut The Wolfpack are a fairly young team this year, but are exciting to watch See More

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Basketball Play - Single Screen Action

Single Screen Action

Dana Beszczynski 12/08/2015

Steve Alford enters his third season as UCLA's head coach in 2015-16. In two seasons at UCLA, Alford has guided the Bruins to a 50-23 record and back-to-back NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 appearances. He begins his 25th year as a college head coach in 2015-16. The Bruins have Coach Alford's son Bryce has shot 38.9 percent from three-point range, making 140 of 360 three-pointers in his career at UCLA. This single screen action is designed to get Alford a look either off a flare, curl, or pop action. See More

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Basketball Play - Purdue Shuffle Stagger Action

Purdue Shuffle Stagger Action

Dana Beszczynski 02/08/2016

This is an excellent play designed by Purdue Coach Matt Painter out of a Box Set. Purdue runs a pass entry into a UCLA screening action. With the opposite big popping to the TOK, the PG sets a shuffle cut and runs into a double stagger. On the pass to the TOK, the wing then runs baseline off a triple screen to the opposite side looking to make the defense chase. At the end, Purdue runs a "hamer screen" action off a guard-to-guard exchange and as a last option a SPNR into a shot behind the SPNR See More

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Basketball Play - Lady Bruins Back Cut Post Option

Lady Bruins Back Cut Post Option

Dana Beszczynski 01/10/2017

This play was run by Cori Close and her UCLA Lady Bruins on Sunday night in their showdown with the Washington Lady Huskies. The Pac12 features one of the best levels of Women's Basketball and has the premier player in Kelsey Plum from Washington. This play starts with a DHO on the wing (if the PG reads the defense, she can keep the ball and attack the paint to the open side). A wide pin down on the weak side brings the 2 guard to the 3 pt line for a possible early catch & shoot 3 pointer if she's open. The Lady Bruins are a very disciplined team going through their options in this set. The Post at the FT line sets a back screen for a possible back door pass while on the weak side a down screen for the PG yields either a 3 point shot or dump in to the Post. After screening, the screener pops to the wing, receives the throwback pass and the option to post your 3 presents itself. If you're not watching Women's basketball on the West Coast, you should be!! See More

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Basketball Play - Down


Adam Spinella 03/07/2015

Over the next few days we will break down some of John Wooden's favorite sets from his UCLA teams in the 1970s. Coach Wooden was incredibly accomplished, and the great leadership abilities he exhibited often overshadow the brilliant offensive contributions he has made. This play, which Coach Wooden called "Down", got an isolation post play for a wing after setting a down screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Baseline Pop

Baseline Pop

Kyle Gilreath 04/03/2014

The Florida Gators opened their 2014 Sweet 16 matchup vs UCLA running this half-court set. During the first weekend of the NCAA tournament the Gators frequented their baseline screening series, thus a perfect time to throw a wrinkle into it would be the opening play of their next game. By popping 4 to the wing and rolling 3 out for a throwback, this isolated Young (5) rolling and prevented most of the help from being in the paint. See More

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