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At FastModel Sports, we build game-changing software solutions for the NBA, WNBA, G-League, NCAA and thousands of coaches around the world. We put teamwork above everything else. We collaborate closely across every department to improve the way teams prepare for opponents and recruit their players.

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Accessible Location

Our office is in the heart of Chicago, right on the Magnificent Mile. Easy access to transportation and just about everything else you’ll ever need.

Casual Environment

Dress like a basketball player if you want - we don’t care. Snacks and drinks in the kitchen, daily ping-pong matches (mostly friendly).

Unlimited Time Off

As a good teammate we know you’ll get your work done. So if you need time off, take it. We’re not going to keep track.

Great Benefits

We offer what the bigger companies do - 401K with automatic 3% match, medical coverage for employee and family, FSAs and a gym plan.

Basketball 24/7

Did we mention we’re into basketball? Swag in the office, high-profile coaches walking through our door. There’s nothing cooler than having a NBA GM join your all-company conference call.

"Startup-ish" but still professional

We have a hungry, startup mentality - but we’ve actually been in business for 10+ years - we have thousands of customers, we’re profitable and we have a proven business model. It’s the best of both worlds.

FastModel Sports Team


We’ve played the game. We’ve coached just like you. We have passionate ideas about what’s possible in the world of basketball. Our passions have led us to create experiences and realities that expand our own limits and inspire coaches and athletes around us.

Jim Corelis


Vin Bruno

EVP, Sales

John Sasman

EVP, Product Development

Brett Hartig

VP, Operations

Iryna Niro

VP, Business & Legal Affairs

NcKell Copeland

Director, US Sales

Lyle Gregory

Director, Hockey Operations

Mike Hackman

Director, Global Sales

Jimmy Polet

Director, Client Services

Daniel Oakes

Director, Engineering

It’s a really cool company!  When I started, this job was a career change for me and that was scary in itself, but the company adapted and worked with me to see my potential.  I never thought I would be able to do things, like traveling to go see conferences for the Final Four.  It’s been a fun company to work for and we have some pretty amazing people working here!

Katie Dillon, Office Manager

FastModel Sports

What's not to love? I work in an office with people who are all now friends. I speak daily with basketball coaches about basketball, stats, and everything else in between. I've worked in basketball software/services for over 5 years now.

Jimmy Polet, Client Services Manager

FastModel Sports

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