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Basketball Play - Chin: Counters and Reads

Chin: Counters and Reads

Lee DeForest 12/14/2015

This play is an option in CHIN and called when teams sag in from the weakside to prevent the backdoor cut. The play gives an easy shot for the 3 against weakside sagging defense. The play is like CHIN with the cut on the pass to the wing by the 3 off of backscreen by 5. 5 and 4 double down on X1 for the '3' point shot at the top of the key for 1. This is a very effective option and can be run in the middle of CHIN if you see sagging defense. 4 cuts like normal and 5 fills elbow like normal then double down. REMEMBER: Backdoor cut v. Pressure Screen Down v. Sag GO is a quick call when you have executed CHIN a few times and want to change it up or to attack a particular matchup or foul situation. Call GO and the guard will pass fake to the forward. The pass fake signals to the 5 to come set a ball screen. The court is spaced for a drive/kick action with the 1 or a layup. 4 attacks off of 5 high pick and gets to the rim. If 1 defender helps then kickout for 3 point shot by 1. CHIN action and after flare by top player, the 5 will follow the ball and ball screen for the wing. The wing must attack middle on the drive. 2 can finish the drive to the rim or kickout to 1 or 4 for the 3 point shot. See More

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